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| Food Labelling

New Study Launched to Explore Potential Treatments for Food Allergies

The Natasha’s Allergy Research Foundation has set up a £2.2m clinical trial aiming to improve treatment of allergies.  The study will examine whether commonly available peanut and milk products can be used as an alternative to expensive pharmaceutical drugs to ‘desensitise’ patients with allergies. If successful, it could make life easier for people with food … Continued

fresh food on a plate
| Sustainability

New Consumer Study Reveals an Appetite For Sustainable Foods

Over three-quarters (78%) of consumers say it’s important to them to buy food that has a low environmental impact. Conducted by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), ‘Food and You 2’ is a biannual survey of adults in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Its purpose is to measure self-reported consumer knowledge, attitudes and behaviours related to … Continued

chef in commercial kitchen
| Food Labelling

Natasha’s Law Staff Training: How to Get Started!

The UK Food Information Amendment, also known as ‘Natasha’s Law’, was introduced in October 2021 to protect allergy sufferers and give them confidence in the food they buy. Natasha’s Law states that for all pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS), the name of the food and all ingredients must be listed on the packaging with allergenic … Continued

labelmagic on ipad
| Food Labelling

Meet LabelMagic: Sharing Verified Food Information Has Never Been Easier!

Keeping food label information up-to-date and accurate has never been more important with most food businesses now having a legal obligation to provide detailed ingredient lists with accurate allergen listings.  The Nutritics LabelMagic system enables real time sharing of verified food label information from production sites to different locations in a read only format. Printing … Continued

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| Sustainability

Looking to attract and retain staff? Sustainability Matters

94% of staff consider a company’s social and environmental responsibility when choosing a place to work – staff sustainability is a relationship which is growing in importance. And more than four in five (84%) professionals are more likely to stay in a hospitality job for longer if their employer has a positive environmental impact. Keeping … Continued

trucks on a road
| Sustainability

How far does your food travel?

How long was the journey of your meal, how far did your food travel? Simply put, food miles are the distance a food travels from where it’s grown to your plate, usually via farm, factory and the local supermarket or supplier.   In our latest article, we look at the environmental impact of food miles, as … Continued

cake being thrown onto the ground
| Hospitality Operations

Let’s say no to food waste in 2023

Food waste remains a massive issue for the hospitality and foodservice (HaFS) sector. With the UK Government targeting a 50% reduction in food waste by 2030 as part of Scope 3 Food and Drink protocols, it’s only going to become more pressing in the years ahead.  Of course, all food and drink production has an environmental impact … Continued

fruit bowl
| Food Labelling

Your Top Questions About Nutrition and Health Claims

Using claims on foods can be tricky, and it’s important to get them right. We get lots of questions about how to use claims on foods. Here are the ones we get asked most often: Who sets nutrition claims? Nutrition claims are established by the Annex of EU Regulation 1926/2006.  Who enforces nutrition claims?   … Continued

woman smiling using laptop
| Food Labelling

Your Start-to-Finish Guide on How to Create a Food Label

You’ve found your premises, named your brand, hired your staff and created a product range that you’re really proud of. You’re almost ready to go to market, but first you need to get your food label sorted. Where do you begin?  Here’s a quick overview of everything you’ll need to bring your food labels from … Continued

image of a barren desert
| Hospitality Operations

Why the Worst Thing You Can Do for Sustainability in Your Food Business Is Nothing

The global food industry is responsible for a substantial proportion of the climate crisis, making it clear that ‘radical, rapid change’ is required to effect a drastic reduction in carbon emissions in this sector. That said, sustainability is an unknown area for the majority of food businesses, and many lack the resources and capacity to measure … Continued