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Nutritics v4.2 Rolling Out!

As always we have added many customer recommended features and suggestions to improve usability, function and security.
8th Jun 2016

We have just updated all accounts to the latest version of Nutritics. As always we have added many customer recommended features and suggestions to improve usability, function and security. Have a look to see whats new!

New Features

  • New Digital Menu for foodservice users (pictured above). This can be used on TVs, tablets or on your customers smartphones. Check out our user guide for more information.
  • We've added a powerful new streamlined process for removal of inedible waste from ingredients and specific-gravity adjustments for each food in the database to accurately convert inputted liquid volumes to grams. To our knowledge, now no other software in the world can calculate recipe nutrition as accurately as nutritics.
  • Save your report layouts and customisations with the layout preferences. Use our pre-built templates for simplified, standard or detailed layouts.
  • New collaborator layout for Organisations, Users, Read-only viewers and Digital Menus makes sharing easier.
  • Ingredient Costs Table has been upgraded so that you can now group by recipe, food category or alphabetically (includes all foods with costs)
  • Rank search results by a specific nutrients using our advanced search queries
  • You can now add photos to the cooking instructions or recommendations box
  • QUID now drills down through sub recipes and combines ingredients where necessary
  • QUID can be added to an individual ingredient and incorporated into the recipe QUID  

New database, languages and units

  • The USDA 2015 food database is now live in Nutritics. Turn on this database by clicking Menu>Settings>Databases and selecting  "United States" from the dropdown
  • You can now export reports for your clients in Spanish and Arabic. Set this by clicking  Menu>Preferences>Region & Language 
  • We now support pounds, ounces, litres and any other unit you can think of. Just choose the relevant unit from the dropdown when entering a food quantity. 


A new custom encryption system now live throughout Nutritics. We have always encrypted your work before transmitting it to our servers, but our additional layer of encryption makes it much more difficult for a hacker who has remote access to your computer to modify your Nutritics account.


  • We now run free weekly training webinars every Wednesday at 1.15pm register HERE  for next Wednesday (15th June)
  • New US and UK phone system for quicker support, directly to the relevant team member

Minor Tweaks

  • We have re-organised the client set up pane so include a new 'lifestyle adjustment' section. This makes pinpointing your clients energy requirements even easier.
  • The menu button icon has changed from 3 lines to the word ‘Menu’ for clarity
  • "My recipes" and "My foods" have swapped position in the "new food tab"
  • The DRV editor is now accessible from the preferences menu
  • You can now choose a default ‘DRV source’ and ‘EER source’ when setting up a client
  • Tabs now close and switch to last open tab after clicking the "X" button

For more details on the new updates, download our updated user manual HERE