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Nutritics v4 Launched today

Our most comprehensive update ever and we've included many new features and upgrades directly requested by our clients.
14th Dec 2015

We have some exciting news to share! Today we have launched Nutritics V4.0. This is our most comprehensive update ever and we've included many new features and upgrades directly requested by our clients.

Nutritics 4.0 Nutrition Updates

Evidence based nutrition is at the forefront of everything we do at Nutritics. We stay up to date with the latest national and international scientific reports to ensure your analysis is as accurate and in depth as possible. 

Nutrition Updates Include;

• The UK McCance and Widdowson food database 7th edition is now live

• The updated SACN guidelines (2015) are now available as the DRV source and include free sugar guidelines

• Updated GI values using Diogenes UK values and the latest International GI tables

• Specify if infants are breast fed, formula fed or fed a mixed diet and Nutritics will take this into account when generating target nutrient intakes

Introducing Nutrient Loss & Gain Factors

Nutrient changes that occur during cooking can now be calculated in Nutritics! Nutritics are the first software providers in Europe to bring this level of analysis from the best International data sources. This means that your recipe analyses will be even more accurate. Simply assign a cooking method to your raw ingredients and Nutritics will do all the hard work!

Modifications Include:

• Edible Portion calculation (removal of inedible waste from certain ingredients, e.g. skin on bananas, bone from meat, stones from fruit etc.)

• Nutrient Retention Factors (vitamin, mineral and macronutrient adjustments on cooking)

• Fat absorption (for frying, deep frying, including battered items)

• Cooking salt absorption (salt uptake due to cooking in e.g. salted water)

• Recipe Yield Factor (weight change due to moisture absorption or losses on cooking)

Nutritics 4.0 Design/Feature Updates 

We are continually working to make Nutritics the most powerful, user friendly and innovative nutrition software on the market.

Design/Feature Updates Include;

• Photos of foods on search listings make finding your food faster and more accurate (We are the only company who do this)

• Touch mode and Android tablet are now supported

• Ability to choose custom databases meaning you can turn on or off different databases or craft your own to make finding your foods faster and more accurate

• Ability to test upcoming features in advance of their official release by switching on the Beta versions (accessible from preferences menu)

• Share and collaborate on clients, foods, logs meal plans and recipes with other users (grant either read only or read/write access)

• New report preview feature with ability to share, embed a live link or create a PDF

•Updated food comparison tool– Comparisons now include photographs, allergens, costs and the ability to adjust portion sizes of each food. 

  • You also have the ability to save and export your comparison charts for use on your blog/website

Nutritics 4.0 Recipe Tool Updates

Nutritics stays up to date with food and labelling legislation so you dont have to. We have added a huge amount of new features to the recipe creator  tool to enable you to quickly and easily comply with legislation, generate labels and calculate costs and profit. 

Recipe Tool Updates Include;

• Upload a photo to your recipes and visual allergens icons

• Generate traffic light labelling and see percentage of reference intakes on recipes

• Hover overs for breakdown of individual ingredients & see foods contributing to allergens

• Create a summary table detailing all allergens and calories in your selected recipes

• Generate QUID ingredient declaration with one click

• “Make this recipe” button – Provides scalability to recipes by increasing the amount of portions required this button will scale up ingredients required and costs involved

• Viewer licences (read only) for front of house display – these display data from a primary account holder

• Master account now available, can push foods and costs to multiple sites / primary account holders

• Calculate profit margin, cost and VAT on recipes

• Add custom fields to ingredients and recipes such as origin, shelf life, storage instruction

View our new recipe creator tutorial videos here to get started building recipes quickly 

Nutritics 4.0 University & Research Updates 

Nutritics have launched a new Research Edition especially for you. This edition has all of the features of the Nutritics Professional Editions but includes new features such as batch export of diet logs and custom fields for logs such as (time of day food was eaten etc.). 

The new licence management platform allows you to view, add, and manage licences under your organisation.Check out this video for more info !

Check out this tutorial video that demonstrates some of  the great new features of this edition and get in touch with us if you would like to move to the Research Edition.