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Nutritics launches in South Africa

“The start of a tremendously exciting chapter in a country where food and nutrition is of paramount importance, and on each extreme end of the spectrum, from excess to deficiency.”
7th Sep 2018

Nutritics, the global leader in nutrition management systems is delighted to announce the opening of a dedicated office in Johannesburg to serve the South African market. This expansion comes on the back of continued growth in the region and the opportunities the market presents. The office will be headed up by Leigh-Ann Silber, a registered dietitian and recognised thought leader in the South African nutrition market. 

Commenting on the launch at the Nutrition Congress Conference in Johannesburg, CEO Damian O’Kelly said 

“We’re delighted to commence formal operations in South Africa and are thrilled that an individual of Leigh-Ann’s calibre has joined the team. This is another exciting step in the Nutritics journey and comes on the back of similar local market launches in Australia, UAE and US over the past couple of years.” 

Leigh-Ann Silber RD (SA) notes that the market launch “is the start of a tremendously exciting chapter in South African nutrition innovation, a country where food and nutrition is of paramount importance, and on each extreme end of the spectrum, from excess to deficiency”. 

Local nutrition practitioners, foodservice operators and educational institutions will now have the opportunity to benefit from Nutritics software for meal planning, dietary assessment, recipe development, cost analysis and food labelling, with built in local South African foods and features. 

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