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Nutritics is now part of the Healthy Ireland Network

Supporting "a healthy Ireland, where everybody can enjoy physical and mental health and wellbeing to their full potential."
10th Jan 2019
Nutritics is excited to announce that we have recently adopted the Healthy Ireland Charter and are now part of the Healthy Ireland Network. 

The vision of the Healthy Ireland network “is a healthy Ireland, where everybody can enjoy physical and mental health and wellbeing to their full potential; where wellbeing is valued and supported at every level of society and is everyone’s responsibility.” By empowering people to make better, more informed food choices, Nutritics is perfectly aligned with this vision. 

Nutritics provide software to thousands of forward thinking clients around the world in healthcare, education, food services, food manufacturing, and elite sport. By using Nutritics to analyse diets and activity, create meal plans or to manage recipes and menus, today’s professionals have the best tools available to make accurate, relevant and actionable food choices for their clients. 

By adopting the Healthy Ireland Charter, Nutritics has agreed to: 
  • Champion and advocate the Healthy Ireland vision and goals
  • Champion the Network values 
  • Identify opportunities to create and strengthen partnerships
  • Promote Healthy Ireland to internal, external, and international stakeholders 
  • Contribute to actively bring Healthy Ireland to life for all sectors of society by getting involved in Healthy Ireland initiatives 

One of the key messages of Healthy Ireland’s Healthy eating policy is to limit foods from the ‘top shelf’ of the food pyramid. These foods are typically high fat, sugar and salt (HFSS), which should be limited to achieve a healthy diet. Nutritics supports this goal by providing users with nutritional transparency on foods and recipes. Nutritics highlights HFSS in recipes and offers pragmatic reformulation suggestions, making navigation of precautionary limits effortless. 

We are excited to continue the work of Nutritics with the support of the Healthy Ireland Network. 

Learn more about the Healthy Ireland Network here