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Nutritics adds 40,000 branded foods to the UK and Irish food database

This expands the databases already available in Nutritics, and features live updates directly from the manufacturers.
6th Mar 2019
As part of our commitment to bringing our users the best available food information, we have added 40,000 branded food items for use in the UK and Ireland. This expands the databases already available in Nutritics, and features live updates directly from the manufacturer via Brandbank. This means, as soon as the product is updated by the manufacturer, the latest information is published to Nutritics. 

Information received for branded foods includes: 

  • Product name 
  • Serving size 
  • Nutrients shown on the nutrition facts panel or the expanded nutrition facts panel per serving size and per 100 g/ml
  • Ingredient list (QUID) 
  • Date stamp with the most current product update (date of introduction/reformulation) 

Librousers can also access the branded foods too, either by direct search, or by scanning the product barcode. 

This brings to a close phase 2 of 4 in our global branded foods expansion project; over 900,000 branded foods have been sourced. 300k of these are currently going through our quality review process, and the remaining 600k are scheduled for release later, in Summer 2019. 

How to access the branded foods? 

We have enabled it within the standard source for all users in the UK and Ireland. If you don’t see foods coming from Brandbank, you can enable it (or disable it) from: 
  1. Menu > Settings > Databases 
  2. Select “Custom Sources” as your Country / Region 
  3. Scroll down to Manufacturers 
  4. Select “BRANDB” 
  5. That’s it. As simple as that! You can now use branded foods with your clients. 

One word of caution if you are using branded foods

Unlike the standard foods in Nutritics, manufacturers usually don’t provide vitamin and mineral information for their products. Nutritics combats this by adding an orange ! to the food in your search results, and also by displaying a nutrient completeness score on all diet log reports, to identify where a nutrient is the number of foods used in dietary assessment with potentially missing values. 

That’s all for now, we look forward to updating you for phase 3 of the branded foods project! 
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