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Nutritics App 'LIBRO' rolled out today!

Nutritics most anticipated feature is now live. Learn how you can leverage the power of mobile to improve your business.
5th Mar 2018

Nutritics' most exciting feature, our app LIBRO is live! So without further ado, please let us introduce LIBRO - Your Health & Lifestyle Assistant.

LIBRO - Your Health & Lifestyle Assistant

LIBRO is a mobile app and artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that helps your clients keep track of their health & lifestyle goals. With one click, you can invite your clients to record their daily diet and activity alongside their desired lifestyle goals in the LIBRO app.  

The app is available on iPhone and Android and includes groundbreaking features such as a personalised voice assistant to help you log foods and a unique memory system that automatically suggests what you have previously eaten based on the meal occasion. 

All information contained in LIBRO can be imported back into Nutritics with one click for analysis and review. No more manual food logging!  

The app was revealed recently at our Nutritics Connect launch event in Dublin, Ireland - the event highlights can be watched here:


Where can I find more information on LIBRO?

Click here to find out more about how to use LIBRO specifically for Healthcare, Sports and Foodservice.

The Guide on how to manage LIBRO from your Nutritics account will get you up to speed in no time.

Interested in trying LIBRO for free?

Sign up for your free Nutritics trial (including LIBRO) or contact us to reactivate a previous account!