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Moving your food business online? What your customers need to know

Ensure your business is up to speed with legal obligations for providing food information to your customers when selling food online.
6th Apr 2020
With food delivery and online sales becoming essential to enable food businesses to continue operations during the COVID19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to ensure your business is up to speed with legal obligations for providing food information to your customers when distance selling. 

Legal requirements for selling food online

General requirements

While the legal requirements for providing information on foods are mostly the same for food sold online as they are for food sold in the shops, there are a few really important differences that must be considered if selling food online: 
  1. All mandatory food information*, with the exception of the ‘use-by date’ must be available before the customer has bought the item. 
  2. This information must appear on the documentation supporting the distance selling or be provided through other appropriate means clearly identified by the food business operator. 
  3. When other appropriate means are used, the mandatory food information must be provided without the food business operator charging consumers supplementary costs. 
  4. All mandatory particulars must be available at the moment of delivery.

Allergen labelling

For non-prepacked foods offered for sale by means of distance communication, the information that must be provided to the consumer and its format will be set out in national legislation. In Ireland SI489 enforces this Regulation and specifies that when food businesses offer food by means of distance selling, allergen information must be given: 
  • (a) before the purchase is concluded, on the material supporting the distance selling or through other appropriate means clearly identified by the food business operator which do not involve charging consumers supplementary costs,

  • (b) at the moment of delivery. 
Furthermore, the allergen information must be provided in writing at one of these stages, if not both. In other words, allergen information for the food being sold must be presented to the consumer in writing either before the sale or at the point of delivery. 

Labelling for food delivery made easy 

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* The definition of ‘mandatory food information’ includes all information that must be provided to the final consumer by EU food law in general.