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LabelMagic - Sharing verified food information has never been easier!

The fully integrated printing system has been specifically designed to meet the needs of food businesses who are faced with the challenge of maintaining accurate food label information.
12th Nov 2020
Keeping food label information up-to-date and accurate has never been more important with most food businesses now having a legal obligation to provide detailed ingredient lists with accurate allergen listings. 

The Nutritics LabelMagic system enables real time sharing of verified food label information from production sites to different locations in a read only format. Printing on site is facilitated by a separate tablet and bluetooth connected printer, minimising the risk of incorrect label information being displayed with a completely automated process, controlled at the point of production. 

Highlights include 
  • Allows full control over recipes and labels at point of production 
  • Supports compliance with a simple centralised system
  • Reduces human error with a completely automated process 
  • Real time updates of all recipe and label changes 
  • Flexibility to print any label type required with site specific brand designs 
  • Integrates seamlessly with new and existing hardware 
  • Helps customers to make informed food choices 

label magic, food label compliance solution

Supports compliance with food law 

Control all information displayed on labels e.g. allergens at production level. Restricted access allows staff to select which product label and quantity are sent to the printer.

Streamlined multi-location operations 

Deliver an efficient, consistent and seamless labelling process across multiple brand locations. 

Automatic updates 

Any changes made to products, recipes or labels at production level are automatically applied in real time. 

One end-to-end system 

Manage your labelling process in one place. Print with our dedicated hardware, or integrate with your existing system.

Simple setup 

Easily implement new labelling processes - LabelMagic can be set up and ready to go on the same day. 

Improved customer experience 

Enable customers to make informed food choices by displaying detailed nutrition and allergen information. 

Where can I find more information about LabelMagic?

Click here for an overview of how to use the integrated food labelling solution in your business.

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Already use Nutritics for labelling? 

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