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Glycemic Index Data Extended to Australia in Nutritics

Foods have been tagged with Glycemic Index in the AUSNUT 2016 data source.
20th Aug 2018
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5645 foods have now been tagged with Glycemic Index (GI) in the AUSNUT 2016 data source Nutritics. This comprises 98.4% of the total AUSNUT food database. The GI information has been licenced from the Glycemic Index Foundation (GIF) and uses the methodology from Louie et al 2015. Glycemic Load (GL) has also been calculated and can be used for effective meal planning with low Glycemic Impact users of Nutritics. 

Research has proven that consuming a healthy, low GI diet helps people with diabetes manage their blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels. A low GI and low GL diet has also been shown to be an effective method for weight management, and can improve sports performance and mental performance. Read more about these benefits and a range of other benefits here on the GIF website.

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