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Food Regulation - Global Trends

Insights into the 12th Dubai International Conference on Food Safety
31st Oct 2018

It was an honour to be invited to speak at the 12th Dubai International Conference on Food Safety. Frankie Douglas, our Regulatory Affairs Specialist, joined international experts from across the globe, Dr. Mary R. L’Abbe, Professor of Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto and Margaret Rozman, Public Health Nutritionist and Dietitian, Nutrition Australia, to discuss a global perspective on regulatory approaches to promoting healthy eating and a sustainable food culture. 

Nutrition related food law is used globally to protect public health, empower consumers to make informed food choices and encourage an improved food environment. 

Compliance with food law, however, is often seen as a burden. Nutritics simplifies and supports compliance with food law to enable food businesses to capitalise on an increased demand for the provision of clear and accurate food information – fulfilling the need to comply with regulatory requirement and transforming burden into benefit. 

Nutritics’ vision is to connect industries to empower better food choices. Supporting clear and transparent information on food has the potential to improve information available for nutrition research, support compliance with food law and empower consumers to make informed food choices. 

Dubai Municipality are at the forefront of engaging digital food management systems, their Foodwatch system is a cutting-edge digital platform for food safety and nutrition anchored in Dubai Municipality's vision of making Dubai the healthiest, happiest and the most sustainable city.
It was a fantastic opportunity for Nutritics to contribute to and learn from such a prestigious conference with global experts. 

Key Questions on Technology in Food Safety 

What is the biggest benefit of using digital technology from the point of view of each of the stakeholders that you mentioned? 

Food has such an expansive reach - it impacts everyone, everyday! Everyone has their own agenda when it comes to food, from personal likes and dislikes to academic research, revenue generation, clinical disease management or supporting our elite athletes and sports stars. We all have an interest in food, but these different agendas mean that we don’t have a harmonised platform of information to support decision making. Nutritics is working towards addressing this gap by making food information more accessible and more valuable using modern technology. The main benefit of this for all stakeholders is transparent, up to date, accurate food information that will inform more effective decision making. 

Why are more food businesses choosing to automate food information systems? 

For food businesses, we see that the justification to automate food information management is two fold. It is commercially beneficial from both sides of business, operational and commercial. From an operational perspective, automation of processes has been shown to improve efficiency meaning either more product in the same amount of time or the required volume of product in less time. From a commercial perspective, consumers are demanding clear food information and are attracted to foods that can highlight specific nutritional properties of interest. 

Furthermore, electronic systems are being used to support compliance with food law. The manual transfer of information through a complex supply chain is challenging and error prone. It is a food businesses’ responsibility to ensure food information is up to date and accurate. Using Nutritics can support accurate and up to date food information management across a multi site operation or can support with complex legal requirements of distance selling. Whatever the requirement, Nutritics can offer an effective solution. 

What are the biggest challenges for food businesses when adopting a new digital system? 

From my experience, the biggest challenge is always changing over to a new system, however, like everything in life, you get out what you put in. My top tip is to engage fully with the process and set up a system that works for your business from the beginning - have a plan in terms of what you want to achieve and then execute it. Nutritics’ offers world class support services and provides professional training and consultancy services. Our team are committed to making sure the on-boarding process is streamlined and offers effective processes from the start.