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Create Australian Food Labels in Minutes

Country of Origin Labelling and Health Star Ratings are now available in Nutritics.
2nd May 2018

Country of Origin Food Labelling (CoOL) 

Under the new Country of Origin Food Labelling Standard 2016, most food for retail sale in Australia must be labelled with a country of origin. 

Nutritics facilitates all types of CoOL formats, including horizontal and vertical layouts for the Standard Mark (two and three component), and Country of Origin Statements. Imported foods (food grown, produced, made or packaged in a country other than Australia) require a Country of Origin statement in a clearly defined box:

Otherwise, foods that are grown, produced, made or packaged in Australia should carry the Standard Mark which comprises of: 
  • Bar Chart
    The bar chart indicates the percentage Australian Ingredients used in product. 
  • Explanatory Statement
    The explanatory text states 1) the food was wither packed in Australia OR made in another country and 2) the percentage of Australian ingredients.
  • Kangaroo Logo (three component only)
    If the product was grown in, produced or made in Australia the standard mark also includes a kangaroo logo, depicted in the following Style Guide by the Australian Government:

Health Star Rating (HSR)

The Health Star Rating System was initiated in 2014 by the Australian state and territory governments in collaboration with industry, public health and consumer groups to provide a standardised means for consumers to make more informed choices. 

Nutritics has developed the first automated Health Star Rating calculator for recipes to help facilitate voluntary front of pack labelling. 

How it works 
  1. Build your recipes in Nutritics using our extensive food database.
  2. Nutritics does the calculations for you - nutrition, allergens & cost.
  3. Design a label with our drag & drop template. 
  4. Nutritics automatically adds your Health Star Ratings and Country of Origin. 
  5. That's it! Just hit print!  

More detailed information about Health Star Ratings can be found in our Front of Pack Labelling blog

Other Front of Pack & Back of Pack Label Features

To help users to automatically generate compliant front of pack and back of pack labels, the Nutritics labelling system also includes the following key features: 
  • Nutrition information panels 
  • QUID 
  • Best before, sell by and use by dates 
  • Allergen identification 
  • Cooking instructions 
  • Health claims 
  • Barcode generator 
  • and much more. 

All features can be easily switched on or off and customised to suit your labelling requirements.

Creating an appropriate food label is traditionally a complex manual process rife with many pitfalls! Nutritics allows you to easily create labels for your products that are suitable for use in the UK, US and Europe and Australia. Why not try Nutritics for your labelling requirements today?