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17% of food businesses increased revenue during pandemic as a result of online ordering

A survey found that those who quickly offered online ordering were able to protect their revenue during lockdown
11th Jun 2020
  • Businesses that were able to quickly offer ‘click and collect’ and ‘in-house ordering’ options experienced a lower impact, with 17% experiencing increased revenue. 
  • 67% of businesses have already seen revenue fall and expect this trend to continue over the coming year. 
  • One-third of businesses expect a more than 50% decrease in revenue this year due to social distancing guidelines 

Ireland, 11 June 2020: A survey of over 300 food businesses including restaurants, cafe and deli owners, has found that those who were quickly able to offer online ordering were able to protect or in fact grow their revenue during lockdown. The survey was carried out by Nutritics, the international nutrition and food technology software provider to organisations including Leon, Danone and Aramark, to help the company understand how it could support food business customers in adjusting to COVID-19 restrictions. 

As food operators grapple with social distancing requirements when re-opening, two-thirds of businesses expect a decrease in revenue over the coming year, with one-third (33%) anticipating a decline of more than 50% as a result of lower customer capacity and social distancing regulations in premises. The need to find alternative sources of revenue will be crucial to ensure viability for many restaurants and cafes across the UK. 

Whilst all companies surveyed stated they were concerned about the impact that the pandemic would have on the food industry, less than one in five respondents who had no food ordering technology in place have yet to consider online ordering as a new revenue source. 

Of those who do offer online ordering, click and collect and in-house ordering are proving to be the most popular use of food ordering technology, offering restaurants and cafes the opportunity to continue some form of customer engagement over a delivery option. 

Nutritics carried out the survey in advance of launching food ordering software specifically designed for the demands of COVID-19. The features of the digital ordering solution enable food businesses to maintain safety and social distancing for their customers without compromising on fast ordering, real-time menu updates and nutrition and allergen information. The digital ordering solution also reduces the need for staff to go between the customer and the kitchen thus reducing the risk of social contact within the premises. 

Damian O’Kelly, CEO and co-founder of Nutritics says the food industry has shown itself to be incredibly innovative over the last three months and whilst tough challenges are ahead, there is support and opportunities to keep businesses going. 

“This has been an unprecedented time and yet one in six food businesses have been able to grow their revenue through rapid adaptation to an online customer model. With ongoing social distancing regulations for the foreseeable future, it won’t be possible to make the same revenue with table or counter food service so an obvious solution is to reach customers online. Our digital ordering solution enables them to grow this revenue stream without incurring costly overheads at a time when every penny counts.” 

The Nutritics digital ordering solution can be integrated with existing websites and social media accounts. It also includes an end-to-end solution with recipe analysis, menu creation and a food label maker, ensuring transparency to consumers. It is available on a complimentary basis until 31 October 2020 here