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Complete Food Labelling Solution

Fast and accurate labelling, from concept to point-of-sale in line with food regulations.

Scalable, automated

and compliance-ready.

Labelmagic supports your goals to be safer, profitable and compliant

Easily create food labels using Nutritics’ LabelMagic drag & drop labelling system using regulatory standards defined by each geographical region. 

Complete Label Maker

Easily create food labels using Nutritics’ drag & drop labelling system using a range of formats defined by each geographical region. Add different languages, nutrition panels, allergens, ingredient lists, sale price, barcode, nutrition and health claims, dates of durability and more to a range of label templates, or build your brand’s custom layout.

One Labelling System

Streamline your labelling process from concept to point-of-sale using live data across your business with instantly updated nutrition and allergen information. Share approved labels to your sites for on-demand or in-advance printing.

Compliance Support

Nutritics’ food data is sourced from national food databases or directly from manufacturers, research papers or other food databases by our expert team. So you can be safe in the knowledge that your labels contain up-to-date and accurate data.

Easy Supplier Links

Manage changes to foods and ingredients across your supply chain using a live database backed by our review and quality assurance system.

Integrates into your Existing Platforms

Set up the complete Nutritics labelling system and be ready to go on the same day using our pre-built templates or a custom layout using your brand’s assets.

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Success Stories

With LabelMagic, we’ve helped businesses globally to manage and update their labels easily.


With health claims being our main selling feature, targeting our core target market, using Nutritics led to 25% increase in our overall sales.

Niall Maloney, CEO and founder
Your UnbelievaBowl

By understanding the vitamin and mineral content of my products, I was able to clearly state on my labels “Why is it good for me?” I firmly believe this adds considerable value to my products by providing the information that consumers are increasingly asking for.

Caroline Phillipson, founder

Nutritics helped me to understand the important nuances on a label. Things like legally having to round down nutritional values were important aspects that I wouldn’t have been aware of prior to speaking with Nutritics.

Leonie Lynch, founder
Holroyd Howe

The automated element of Nutritics software helps us take away some risk, particularly around the substitution process. We know that will be flagged to us and can then be managed to keep students informed and safe.

Amy Roberts, Managing Director of Operations

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nutritics offer a free trial of LabelMagic?

We offer a hands-on free 7-day trial so you can see for yourself how we can help you solve the labelling challenges you face as a business. You can sign up here.

What printer can I use?

You can use any standard Microsoft enabled “office printer” using A4 sheet labels, but we would normally recommend that you go for a specialised Thermal Printer; this is because the cost of labels tend to be lower and there is no need to buy any ink, so the capital outlay on a new printer, is quickly paid back by cost savings.

We work with Zebra, Brother and Sato printers, so there is a wide range of options to suit any volume of printing and budget.

Can I lock my labels from changes?

With LabelMagic you are only given access to print a label, rather than create or amend. This removes any risk of accidental changes being made that creates a risk to your business and customers.

If your locations need to make changes, this can be done by authorised users of the central Nutritics system at either Head Office or site level, depending on the permission you set.

How do I make changes when suppliers change?

Because your labels are linked to the recipes, as soon as a change is made, all of your labels are automatically updated to prevent any risk to your business and customers. This can also be done at an ingredient level, so if for example you changed Mayonnaise products, you would not need to manually go into all recipes to update them, our batch update tool will find and replace all instances of the affected product.

Can you help me design a label?

LabelMagic is a fully intuitive design tool that lets you build anything from a plain rectangular label, all the way through to custom branded and shaped packing labels. We have helped thousands of businesses navigate their way through Natasha’s Law and will be happy to provide a consultancy service on your labels.

What labels should I use?

This all depends on what you are going to do with them… It is essential to understand the environment that the labels will be used in, such as: Will they go in the freezer? If so you will need to ensure the adhesive is suitable. Will they go on products in hot counters? They may need to be “top coated” to prevent thermal activation.

Whatever the case may be, it is important to take advice from a labelling expert ahead of purchasing some potentially unsuitable stock.

Awards & Recognition

EuroFIR Gold Standard Certification for recipe management process


United Nations Global Compact Participant


Tech 4 Good – Sustainability Award


Outstanding Achievement in International Growth Award