On-site and remote staff training

Nutritics offer a range of expert-led training programmes to ensure your business is using the platform to its full potential.

Learn how to save time, reduce waste and improve safety

Using Nutritics opens your business up to a whole host of opportunities, from recipe engineering and ingredient swaps to improve profits and sustainability, through to identifying new claims to market to your customers.

But are you taking advantage of all it can help you with? Our team of experts will help you to look deeper into your menus and make the most of the Nutritics platform.

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How we can help

  • On-site or remote training

    We can tailor training to you and your staff’s needs, either attending in-person to deliver sessions bespoke to your business, or delivered remotely for a more flexible solution for larger, more spread out teams.

  • Find new food claims

    Nutritics helps you to find new angles for your marketing by highlighting where your recipes meet claim standards. Our one hour nutrition and claims webinar shows you how our platform add-on automatically calculates these for you – the add-on is only available on completion of this training.

  • Improve your recipe calculation

    Run by our in-house Regulatory Affairs Specialist, our full day certificate course gives you the tools to perform recipe calculations better, meaning better margins, reduced waste and lower costs for your business.

Success Stories

How our training solution has helped our customers.

Foodco Group

The software enables us to be nimbler when complying with Australian standards to have all nutritional information visible and available to customers. From turning around nutritionals on a new recipe fast to updating necessary changes to nutritionals that may arise from recipes changing due to product supply issues.

Shane Middleton, Food Development Specialist
Esquires Coffee

87% of our customers noted that having our allergen and nutrition information available would positively influence their decision to choose us compared to a nearby competitor.

Aiden Keegan, National Operations Manager
Metz Culinary Management

Guests and clients are able to see pictures of the menu items and they know straight away what is in the menu item and set their diet and allergen preferences.

Brian Bachman, Vice President of Purchasing