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APR v6.00 (currently in beta)

Nutritics 6 brings a host of new features and upgrades when it launches on April 30th. Join our webinar on April 22nd to see it in action and learn more!

  • Design Refresh: Nutritics has a modern, fresh look that is now faster and more intuitive to operate. We've been careful to keep it familiar so as not to interrupt your established workflows, meaning a brand new look, but nothing new to learn!
  • Recipe AI importer: Quickly create recipes, meal plans, menus, pricing, and production lists with our quick add AI feature
  • Forecasting & Production: Forecasting is now date specific and can be used to generate a Bill of Materials and even submit an order to our Kitchen Order Dashboard 
  • Waste Management: Track, report, and identify waste performance across your business. Evaluate the monetary cost and environmental impact of waste for for a site or across multiple sites across your organisation
  • Insights: Gain a comprehensive overview of your organization's performance with our customizable dashboards and charts. Insights pulls data from every other module in Nutritics to present a bird's-eye view of critical data points, unlocking valuable data-driven visuals and tables that can help you optimise your business for efficiency, profitability and benchmark performance against your businesses and industry KPIs. 
  • Stage Gates: Enhance project management with improved collaboration and compliance control using process workflows in our stage gates feature
  • Menu sharing - menus can now be shared for read only or collaborative creation
  • Language packs - Nutritics and label magic has been professionally translated to Spanish, French, Italian, German, Hindi and Arabic
  • Accessibility - Nutritics is now includes a widget to enable accessibility features, complimenting our Good Food Talks app
  • Instant cache search - Nutritics search is now instant for all previously used items
  • Quick Nav bar - 'jump' navigate around the food and recipe workspaces using our new nav bar, including pinning of favourite sections
  • Tenkites Menu Access - Tenkites menus can now be launched instantly, directly from the Nutritics Menu Manager
  • Allergen overlay - New allergen overlay mode clearly identifies all allergen sources from recipe ingredient  
  • Costs templates - Inputs into the extended costs on a product (packaging, transport, labour, waste) can now be saved and reused
  • Batch export - The food batch export now includes more detail and can include all foods used across your Nutritics account
  • New Foodprint badges: A smaller 'mini' foodprint CO2 badge and text only options for both CO2 and water are now available in the label maker, Tenkites and via API
  • GTIN Barcodes: Our barcode generator now supports 14 digit GTIN barcodes


FEB v5.96 (Feb 28th, 2024)

  • NEW: Customers can now include or exclude 'May Contains' allergens in Quickdish (defaults to on)
  • NEW: Allergen overlay on recipe builder allows inspection of allergen sources in specific detail
  • NEW: Warning system added when foods from incomplete data sources are used in your recipes
  • Recipes can no longer be used until allergens are confirmed as verified
  • Official images have been added for Quality Assurance Scheme claims
  • Foodprint badges have been added to Nutritics paper menu exports (requires Foodprint module)
  • Alias accounts can now perform password resets and profile updates
  • Ukrainian language has been added to Label Magic and Quickdish
  • Quickdish photo-less mode design has been improved
  • A4 label pages can now be set with different horizontal and vertical internal margins set 
  • Batch recipe export can now export subrecipes per exact quantity used in the parent recipe (not just per subrecipe '1 serving')

DEC v5.95 

Video overview

  • NEW: Nutri-Score is now available on recipes, labels and menus for EU label setting
  • NEW: Orders dashboard has a redesigned compact mode showing more content more clearly
  • NEW: Nutritics Print Driver for Android is now live in the Google Play Store 
  • My Food Groups & My Recipe Groups now show all products & portions for each food 
  • Label magic settings can now be locked by admins 
  • Foodprint has been added to available filters in the advanced search dropdown
  • Publishing rules updated with improved product code management, reducing unnecessary notifications
  • Find & replace system extended to trigger when supplier publishes a new portion or pack size 
  • QuickDish now colour codes items from the same category group for easier differentiation in text only mode
  • Bug fixes & system improvements

NOV v5.94

Video overview

  • NEW: Search optimisation: results now appear up to 400% faster, greatly increasing the user experience in all apps
  • NEW: Labels now support inclusion of a 'printed on' date, that automatically updates on print  
  • NEW: Improved version control & duplicate handling when publishing products via supplier portal 
  • QR code option has been added to all Export>Report>Share 
  • When deleting or unsharing an item, any impact to collaborators using that item are now shown
  • User export templates on foods and recipes can now be applied on collaborator items
  • Quickdish order export now includes more useful output groupings   
  • Production sheets now use much smarter portion / quantity descriptions when scaling
  • Allergen scanner and FDA allergen tiles have been optimised 
  • Libro v1.01: Various bug fixes and optimisations
  • Bug fixes & system improvements

OCT v5.93

Video overview

  • NEW: Patient led meal ordering is now available in Quickdish Healthcare
  • NEW: Supplier changes to products can now be fully interrogated in our food comparison tool
  • NEW: Groups are now searchable in the 'My Recipe Groups' and 'My Food' Groups tree viewer 
  • Portion descriptions on recipes and when scaling a recipe are now much smarter
  • Recipes and Food groups in tree viewer now open 400% faster
  • Improved error handling on batch import tool
  • Improved layout of FDA nutrition panel 
  • Multi-site management: Multiple bespoke account configurations are now supported
  • Customised portions now update and maintain across existing menus automatically 
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

OCT v1.0 Libro release

  • Floating nav button helps move between the 3 primary screens (food diary, report screen, meal suggestions)
  • Meal suggestion screen shows time and location specific suggestions
  • Expanded branded foods database
  • Libro learns your meal patterns and makes commonly used foods quickly accessible, even without searching 
  • Improvements to adding new foods to database (add by photograph, automatic category assignment)
  • 'Omni-button' redesigned with inproved functionality
  • Foods can now be moved to other meal blocks
  • Meal times can now be set on meal blocks or items individually
  • Hundreds of new activity icons added to exercise library
  • Improved gesture control, UI improvements and lots of bug fixes

SEPT 2023 v5.92

Video overview

  • NEW: Production sheets can now be produced from menu forecasting inputs
  • NEW: Quickdish now shows nutrient summary of meal selection in basket (+ patient targets in clinical mode)
  • NEW: New food database 'GB23' goes live for UK & Ireland (see our blog for more detail)
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been added to the tree viewer (My Menus, My Recipe Groups etc)
  • Subrecipes are now shown when scaling a recipe, including prep steps and inventory required
  • Food cost adjusted for usable material is now displayed in addition to 'as purchased' cost
  • Custom food codes have been added to the ingredient detail popup within recipes ('i' tooltip)
  • Improved placement of the Ingredient list and QUID box to below the allergen tiles 
  • Poly and monunsaturated fats have been added to FDA label type as elective options
  • Nutritics registration page now supports Google and Microsoft SSO
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

AUG 2023 v5.91

  • NEW: QuickDish now supports menus without photos
  • NEW: QuickDish now allows staff to re-order a previous order to the same bed/room
  • NEW: QuickDish staff area now supports moving patients to a new bed/room
  • NEW: Diet & activity logs are now available via API
  • QuickDish now allows disabling specific dietary preference toggles
  • Custom codes attach to replcement products
  • 'Meal name' is now included in order exports if available
  • Batch recipe export has improved layout, detail and error reporting
  • Shelf Life inputs now support days/hours/minutes
  • Multi-factor authentication now remembers multiple locations
  • Bug fixes & system improvements

JUL 2023 v5.90

Video overview

  • NEW: Production sheet reports are now available for menus
  • Small foodprint badges can now be downloaded from the right click menu
  • Find/replace now works on menus as well as recipes
  • Food category is now shown in the options bar
  • The tree viewer is now optimised for keyboard control
  • Improvements to supplier notifications
  • Improvements to QuickDish orders export
  • Masters can now lock all settings for their sites
  • Bug fixes & performance improvements

JUN 2023 v5.89

Video Overview

  • NEW: Foodprint is now available as a standalone API
  • Product packaging claims are now available via API
  • Mobiprint driver for label printing is now supported on iOS
  • QuickDish now prints dockets in table/bed order
  • Improvements to supplier notifications
  • Masters can now share Foodprints to their sites
  • Batch export for recipes is now sortable before export
  • Sharing has been restricted to within user's organisation
  • Bug fixes & system improvements

MAY 2023 v5.88

Video Overview

  • New data quality indicator added to Foodprint panel
  • You can now batch export QuickDish QR codes for each bed/table
  • Labelmagic search speed improved
  • Ten Haaf energy calculation formula added for clients
  • Product replacements added to audit trail
  • Order dockets font size has been increased
  • Bug fixes & performance improvements

APRIL 2023 v5.87

Video Overview

  • NEW: Claims panel now supports accreditation schemes, including sustainability & biodiversity assurance shcemes
  • NEW: Label Magic now supports print queues and saving print runs for reuse
  • Preset layouts added on menus to view Foodprint, costs, nutrition, allergens and forecasting in one click
  • Supplier notifications can now be filtered by supplier, outstanding items for action
  • Enhanced find replace system to run deeper checks for all historic versions of the product
  • Label printing is now supported on iOS/ Ipad via Mobiprint
  • Allergen mismatch / crosschecking is now standard on foods added via API
  • Tree columns now scale dynamically to best fit content
  • Added columns to expose sale price, RRP, gross profit, tax and COGs% per product in tree viewer tables
  • Bug fixes & system improvements

MARCH 2023 v5.86

  • NEW: Extended costs have been redesigned to clearly show profit margin, RRP, tax and sale price per product
  • NEW: Advanced search can now search ingredient lists and product codes within your foods & recipes
  • System template labels can now be hidden from the Nutritics label maker
  • Quickdish settings can now be remembered across devices to support remote setup
  • Claims are now available via the API explorer
  • API requests can now be run for a specified user accounts
  • Custom product codes and International Food Codes (IFC) are now available on the shopping list export

FEBRUARY 2023 v5.85

  • NEW: Foodprint will now benchmark your food and recipe results against our LCA library and warn if it is an outlier
  • Batch recipe export now supports products specific detail including Foodprint, tax profit margin, tax rate etc
  • 2FA access can now be remembered for up to 90 days on the same device
  • Food category is now automatically selected based on food name entered
  • Allergen confirmation popups now show allergen icons in addition to text for enhanced clarity
  • Packaging & transport CO2 now is now auto-suggested based on your description inputs
  • Horizontal line element added to label maker
  • Improvements to QuickDish bed QR codes and order dashboard filters

JANUARY 2023 v5.84

  • NEW: All reports now support multiple concurrent templates for sharing, printing or downloading
  • NEW: Compare tool has been upgraded to compare allergens, foodprints, ingredients, claims, and more 
  • NEW: LabelMagic now supports multiple languages via Google Translate
  • You can now add product codes, Foodprint or country of origin and more to the search result detail
  • Label maker now supports custom background colours
  • You can now scale recipes from the right click menu on a search result
  • You can now click gluten or nut allergens to see the sub-allergen which flagged it
  • Audit trail now tracks foodprint, menu settings & country of origin changes
  • Gross profit and HFSS monitors have been added to menu/group views
  • Optimised label fields syncing with parent recipe
  • RDAs now support filtering by client weight
  • Bug fixes & system improvements

DECEMBER 2022 v5.83

  • NEW: Waste tracking dashboard (contact us to enable it)
  • NEW: Multi factor authentication is now available in the Nutritics settings
  • Foodprint UI upgraded to show mini badges and more
  • Foodprint calculations on recipes now include packaging & transport from ingredients 
  • Nutritics API now supports publishing for suppliers
  • New panels: Claims, Country of Origin & Foodprint are available in the export options on foods & recipes
  • "Shelf Life" is now connected on recipes & label maker
  • Bulk strikethrough option added on kitchen dashboard
  • Order status now appears on exports from the kitchen dashboard
  • "May Contain" allergens now appear on batch export
  • Consumption times now appear on Libro logs in Nutritics
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

NOVEMBER 2022 v5.82

  • HFSS Nutrient Profiling Model is now available for EU region
  • Support for PEAL labelling standards has been added for Australian users
  • Cost & pricing information is now available on QuickDish order exports
  • Admins can now reset passwords for their Labelmagic users
  • Added support for including greenhouse gas emissions during transport from ingredients' country of origin
  • You can now contol your Foodprint source libraries from the settings menu
  • Improvements to Foodpint UI
  • Additional quality control measures added to Foodprint panel
  • Improvements for supplier quality control
  • Bug fixes & performance improvements 

OCTOBER 2022 v5.81

  • NEW: Labelmagic now supports custom text on labels at the time of printing
  • NEW: Client profile panels can now be printed or exported to PDF 
  • NEW: Refunds can now be issued via the kitchen dashboard
  • NEW: Lookup libraries for calculating sustainability scores on product packaging & transport
  • You can now update the quantity of ingredients across multiple recipes at once
  • Recipes can now be shared in groups
  • Multiple upgrades to supplier portal to improve published data quality
  • Foodprint data is now available via our API
  • Labels now support multiple Foodprint badges
  • UX upgrade on Foodprint panel for foods
  • Food categories are now predicted from your entered food name
  • You can now view which 3rd party apps have access to your account from the settings area
  • Bug fixes & other general improvements 

SEPTEMBER 2022 v5.80

  • Kitchen dashboard now allows pinning of saved searches
  • A docket for individual order items can now be printed from kitchen dashboard
  • A new lookup library for usable yields on the most common foods is now available
  • Disclaimers now appear on printed menus
  • New texture is available for clinical ordering: 7-regular
  • Upgrades on orders export
  • Licence administrators can now adjust expiry dates by month
  • Added dedicated row for salt in food importer
  • Minor enhancements to Foodprint product system-wide
  • Bug fixes & general improvements 

AUGUST 2022 v5.79

  • Enhancements for supplier data validation & ongoing quality control
  • Multi-select added for attaching meal plans and other selection popups
  • Usable yield is now available directly on foods
  • Country of origin added to batch import, export & API
  • Cost of goods sold (COGS%) is now available on Nutritics explorer
  • Automatic identification of FDAs extended tree nut sub-allergens
  • Bug fixes & general improvements 

JULY 2022 V5.78

  • Launch of Foodprint sustainability calculator for food products more info
  • Products on recipes are now auto-updated when the recipe changes
  • Extended costs popup on products has been redesigned
  • Added new sub allergens for FDA region
  • Bug fixes & general improvements 

JUNE 2022 V5.77

  • NEW: Production forecasting tool and generation of inventory list added to My Menus
  • NEW: Waste cost calculator at RRP and Ingredient level added to My Menus 
  • NEW: Country of Origin panel on foods to support upcoming Foodprint launch (Sustainability product)
  • Recipes can now be published in batch by database admins 
  • Changes to number of servings and product names will now sync to label maker as standard 
  • Improved supplier QA  - Live badge on supplier data sources will be revoked if supplier is inactive for 6 months 
  • Improved handling of tree nut allergens across territories 

MAY 2022 V5.76

  • NEW: Easy-editing panel for ingredient lists on recipes
  • NEW: you can now sign into Nutritics with your Google or Microsoft account
  • NEW: QR element on label maker allows customers to scan for nutrition & allergen information
  • Supplier products can now be customised but still kept in sync with the original
  • Product weights on labels are now kept in sync
  • Upgrades to support allergens from international labelling regions 
  • Added new South African recipes to the recipe ideas folder
  • Improved handling of "may contain" statements on ingredient lists
  • Bug fixes & experience improvements

APRIL 2022 V5.75

  • NEW: Meal plan templates are now available on Nutritics
  • NEW: Add QR codes to your labels and let customers scan for ingredient & allergen details
  • New recipes added to "Recipe ideas" folder
  • You are now prompted to share subrecipes when a recipe is shared with a collaborator
  • 'May contain' statements are now separated on ingr. lists.
  • Pack size added to shopping list exports
  • Menu cycle now export multiple pages to PDF
  • Minor changes to supplier publishing processes
  • Bug fixes & experience improvements

MARCH 2022 V5.74

  • New: You can now add collaborators into groups and share with the whole group at once.
  • New: Label templates are now accessible via Nutritics explorer panel
  • Simplified recipe creator groups & sharing panel for a cleaner workspace
  • Previous item costs are now remembered across products for easier input
  • Minor changes on labels & menus for new calorie labelling legislation
  • New setting allows you to hide foods which do not have customised price attached to them
  • Recipe sharing now prompts you to share sub-recipes
  • Supplier's name now shows on foods which are published directly by suppliers.
  • Improved loading experience for foodservice customers
  • Custom Codes are now available through the API using cCodes attribute
  • Notifications are now automatically marked as read after 5 seconds
  • Improved bruteforce login security on Nutritics and API 
  • Bug fixes & performance improvements

JANUARY 2022 V5.72

  • New LabelMagic upgrade allows you to pin the items you use most frequently.
  • A new keyword search has been added to LabelMagic
  • LabelMagic now supports labels attached to foods
  • LabelMagic now has no upper limit on the number of recipes visible
  • LabelMagic loading time has been improved dramatically
  • Readability of fonts on printed labels has been improved
  • Digital Menus has been renamed "QuickDish"
  • New order summary screen on QuickDish
  • New QR code scanner added to QuickDish staff area
  • You can now generate QR codes for each table or bed
  • New export of raw orders data allows custom formatting of order reports
  • Tax is now handled on a product-specific basis and can be configured to only show at the point of checkout
  • Profit-margin is now product-specific
  • New audit trail for foods & recipes. Contact us for a demo
  • New "search by batch product code" feature in search dropdown
  • New setting now allows you to use label nutrition values everywhere
  • You can now sort recipe ingredients into a custom order
  • The recipe panel now highlights missing vegetarian/vegan flags
  • One account can now have multiple usernames/password combinations to facilitate team workflows
  • Collaboration can now be edited in batch via the API 
  • Bug fixes & performance improvements

NOVEMBER 2021 V5.7

  • Nutritics now uses "labelling" nutrition values by default for all foodservice customers
  • Nutritics now notifies you on login when items have been shared to you
  • The "replace ingredient" tool now shows a preview of calorie/allergen changes to recipes
  • New - Kitchen dashboard now has auto-print option for new orders 
  • New - Search by keyword or orderID on kitchen dashboard 
  • New - Export kitchen dashboard orders to simple reports
  • New - Compact EU nutrition panel in label designer 
  • Improved control of recipe information synchronisation on label designer
  • Minor upgrades on label designer elements
  • Bug fixes & general improvements

OCTOBER 2021 V5.69

  • New! Dedicated labelling panel on recipe workspace
  • New! Updated design for custom fields
  • New! You can now add custom products to any food or recipe
  • Product information popups are now available on ingredients
  • Product codes are now shown on reports
  • Custom codes now appear on shopping lists
  • New simple text-only nutrition panel in label maker (EU format)  
  • Label maker now allows multiple distinct date elements
  • New product selector dropdown in LabelMagic
  • New personalisation options in LabelMagic settings
  • New "export by menu" option in batch export
  • Tweaks to batch import interface
  • Added extra product details in batch export
  • Digital Menus now load faster and show loading spinners
  • Digital Menus now support product / pack-size specific photos
  • Orders made while offline will now show a confirmation in staff area on digital menus
  • A bell will now sound in the kitchen when a new order comes in
  • Food databases which have live feeds are now indicated in settings>data sources
  • A new dedicated database server has come online which will make Nutritics faster at busy times of the day
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

AUGUST 2021 V5.67

  • New: Label Maker is now available for foods
  • New: Batch publishing dashboard for suppliers & manufacturers
  • Discontinued products are now indicated on search results and recipe ingredient panels
  • FDA labels now have double column option
  • You can now hide % in ingredient lists for your whole account
  • Login screen has been restyled
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

JULY 2021 V5.66

  • You can now choose which feature to open when Nutritics first loads from the preferences menu
  • Julian dates are now supported in our label maker, enabling easier batch coding for traceability purposes 
  • Label templates from master accounts now appear on LabelMagic
  • Dedicated ward/area URLs for digital menus - open the ward you need instantly
  • Master accounts can now control sharing of specific types of data with their sites
  • 'What Next' popup on digital menus has been replaced with the staff area overview with improved functionality 
  • Improved support for offline ordering on digital menus
  • Digital menus now allow quick ordering for "tomorrow"
  • Contact details on digital menu ordering are now required and are validated before the order can be placed
  • Improved support for using digital menus on small tablets 
  • Custom fields are now available on recipes
  • You can now batch export all recipes at once
  • Batch export now includes recipe custom fields
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

JUNE 2021 V5.65

  • LabelMagic now supports multiple users with access to differnt labels on your account (contact us to add users)
  • Ordering systems now support multiple timezones
  • Editing orders is now more robust
  • Better support for barcode checksums
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

MARCH 2021 V5.64

  • New live template printing in LabelMagic means you no longer need to design dedicated labels for each recipe
  • New 'print date' options in LabelMagic allows printing labels with auto-calculated user by/sell by dates
  • LabelMagic now has dedicated user accounts for site-specific label access and printing
  • Improved performance of multiple docket and label printing requests from android and Mobiprint
  • New: Our digital menus now have in-built auto-translation into 13 languages
  • New: Our remote viewer app has had a facelift and now supports custom branding
  • New: Custom fields can now be added to recipes and subrecipes
  • Recipe custom fields have been added to the API and batch recipe export sheet
  • Bug fix of density / specific gravity allows quantity entry in either volume or weight as per user preferences
  • Improved handling of order cut-off times for meal ordering services
  • Upgraded supplier messenger for International use to notify of product changes with opt-in
  • Upgrade of find and replace function to allow a mass replace of ingredient quantity
  • Meal ordering exports now include a floor by floor or ward by ward breakdown of orders per bed
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

FEBRUARY 2021 V5.63

  • New advanced order scheduling AI
    Nutritics now calculates a due time for new orders based on the kitchen's current load and type of order
  • New staff-only area on Digital menus: 
    Logged in staff can now overview all orders in and place new orders much more quickly
  • Customers can now choose a time & date for their orders
  • You can now take meal orders for specific events
  • You can now add notes or instructions for customers at the point of checkout or on their order receipts.
  • Automatically send SMS or email confirmations to food order customers
  • Receive an optional email each time an order is made
  • Add a custom service charge to all meal orders
  • You can now create shopping lists from todays orders received
  • Shopping lists can now be exported to Excel
  • You can now batch import clients to Nutritics
  • Improved search speed & server reliability
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

JANUARY 2021 V5.62

  • New: Generate a shopping list from menus
  • New: Finely control the publishing schedule for your menus
  • Improved digital menu load time
  • New search features on kitchen dashboard for ordering
  • Improved recipe scaling measurements & styling
  • Improved our allergen scanner for international labelling standards
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

DECEMBER 2020 V5.61

  • You can now export all meal orders for the day to a printable summary sheet
  • Mobiprint integration for one-click printing on Android & iOS labels, receipts & dockets
  • New option to schedule recurring menus
  • Improved delisting & deleting features for our supplier portal
  • You can now view related products from the right-click menu
  • New Australian branded foods database - AUB18 
  • Bug fixes, UI improvements & feature enhancements

NOVEMBER 2020 V5.6

  • All new drag & drop label designer tool
  • New Label Magic app lets you print labels on-the-fly from a tablet or smartphone
  • Usability improvements for clinical meal ordering
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

SEPTEMBER 2020 V5.53

  • Digital Menus now support offline order caching
  • Outlets can now be shared between users
  • You can now drag & drop to re-order menus
  • Personalised food costs can now be added via the API
  • Fitness trackers data can now be imported from Libro
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

AUGUST 2020 V5.52

  • New digital menus ordering platform for hospital & clinical use includes filtering menus & orders by bed / allergies / texture grades & other modified diets
  • Our kitchen dashboard now supports printing customer receipts & back-of-house dockets
  • Staff can now log in to menus with special permissions
  • New products panel for suppliers & manufacturers with extra fields for pack weights
  • New portions panel design on foods & recipes
  • Allergens on foods & recipes are now specific to your regional labelling standard
  • Our API now returns imperial units if requested
  • You can now add a 'brand' to your foods & recipes
  • Lots of bug fixes

JULY 2020 V5.51

  • Digital Menu ordering now accepts customers payments (contact us today to trial it!)
  • New referral program: Spread the word about Nutritics and get a discount on your next payment
  • Health Star Ratings are now available in the recipe builder for FSANZ region
  • Multiple optimisations for building programs
  • Supplier portal accounts now have lots of optimisations for local regions
  • Libro now returns text searches in the language searched
  • Libro now works with Custom DRVs from Nutritics

JUNE 2020 V5.5

  • Client panel has new visual style and allows you to attach client photos, making everything easier to understand at a glance
  • New automatic calculations display clients' waist-to-hip ratio, ideal body weight and more
  • New clinical plugin available for client panel to support texture grades, fluid retention, mobility & stress factors which automatically integrate into energy calculations
  • You can now customise macro or micro targets for each client individually without creating a whole DRV. You can create multiple targets for training or rest days and switch between them
  • Improved integration of video calling in programs to support remote working
  • New digital menu ordering platform for foodservice
  • Digital menus have a brand new design including an optional white theme
  • New menu settings panel lets you control every aspect of your digital menu
  • Food outlets now have a dedicated tab in Nutritics settings with a host of new options
  • New shopping list generator lets you create a shopping list from a recipes, mealplans or menus and choose the number of servings for each meal
  • Logs can now be duplicated in the right click menu
  • New "my labels" section in Nutritics explorer for direct access to your labels
  • Libro timestamps now carry through to batch exports
  • Multiple enhancements to all batch export reports
  • You can now add transparent logos to your account
  • You can now pay for Nutritics in your local currency
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements throughout

FEBRUARY 2020 V5.099

  • New shopping list generator is available in the start menu
  • Nutritics now handles waste better than ever. We have new fields for usable yield and waste during production
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

NOVEMBER 2019 V5.098

  • Recipe exports are now mobile optimised
  • New label designs for EU Front of pack and US back of pack
  • New website design
  • Mobile website is now a little faster
  • New quick tutorials have been added to the start menu
  • Label maker tweaks & UI improvements
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

OCTOBER 2019 V5.097

  • You can now convert a diet log to a meal plan to start planning based on your client's existing diet
  • You can now access labels directly from the start menu
  • Recipes now show 1 serving portion in the portions panel
  • Lots of new fixes & tweaks for the supplier portal
  • Users of supplier products are now notified of product updates when they log in
  • New user manual as been added to our support center
  • New onboarding experience for new users
  • New nutrition panels are available in the label maker
  • Other tweaks and improvements in label maker
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

AUGUST 2019 V5.096

  • You can now quickly add features to your Nutritics account via the start menu
  • Upgrades to batch import
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

JULY 2019 V5.095

  • Drag & drop support for tablets
  • Customisable disclaimers on digital menus
  • API now supports recipe analysis without storing
  • New search box on remote viewers (read-only accounts)
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

JUNE 2019 V5.094

  • Nutritics was migrated to a brand new high-speed server
  • All new menu builder with drag & drop, portion management & independent grouping
  • Menus now display nutrition per serving rather than per 100g
  • Meal planning tool now maintains a link to inserted recipes, allowing finer portion control
  • Preparation & cooking instructions for recipes now appear on meal plans

APRIL 2019 V5.093

  • Libro users can share recipe reports to social media
  • New audit panel for enterprise users tracks all changes to recipes
  • Label maker now supports time on all label dates
  • New option to hide certain group headings from Digital Menus
  • Menus are now available through our API

MARCH 2019 V5.092

  • Menu users can now attach their food outlet to Nutritics to show their menus in Libro
  • Suppliers can now add a support email for their customers
  • You can now choose where to send feedback on our feedback form
  • Crowd-sourced users foods are now available in Libro (blog post on this coming soon)

DECEMBER 2018 V5.09

  • Build complete health & fitness programs for your clients in Nutritics program builder
  • Extended cost analysis system to include packaging, staff, transport and more
  • You can now reorder recipe ingredients by drag & drop
  • Digital menu update - includes cross-contamination disclaimer, & nutrition label image
  • New grouping system for monitors on folders & groups
  • Improved handling of blank vs zero values throughout the software

OCTOBER 2018 V5.042

  • New Drag & Drop from Search Results into Foods, Recipes, Groups, Menus and Meal Plans
  • Tree Viewer & My Menus Performance and Usability Improvements
  • Improved tutorial experience for first-time users

SEPTEMBER 2018 V5.04

  • New data portal for Food Suppliers & Manufacturers to upload their data to vendors in real time 
  • Warning system to improve accuracy when weight change factor is missing from cooked dishes
  • Portion images shown system wide and available to upload on recipes
  • Brandbank branded food products live for UK & Ireland  
  • Barcode generation for digital menu items that can be scanned / logged with Libro smartphone app
  • Batch find and replace ingredient account-wide
  • New sharing & collaboration manager for batch sharing
  • Reports shared by URL can now be password protected
  • GI data added for AUSNIT 2016 (Australian Food Composition Database)
  • Batch Import features upgraded
  • Settings panel moved to the left to maximise space
  • Various UI tweaks and improvements

JULY 2018  V5.031

  • Record your clients allergies in the client pane
  • Search engine and mealplans/logs now flag foods incompatible with the active client
  • Rich text notes in client panel with full screen editing
  • Style updates to Nutritics Explorer (tree viewer) & groups
  • Kamut & Spelt gluten allergens removed and merged with wheat allergen system-wide
  • Australian Branded Foods Database of 29,000 items live
  • Regional label rounding rules added to API data requests

JUNE 2018 V5.030

  • Country of Origin label generator added for FSANZ-type labels
  • Libro password reset and onboarding optimisation
  • Bug fixes & style tweaks