our biggest ever features release

A more intuitive design, slicker insights, new waste tracking module and AI-driven menu creation and analysis… plus much more.

Nutritics 6 on laptop screen

Insights, AI-driven recipes

and forecasting control.


Our biggest ever update is driven by the amazing insights and feedback our customers provide. We’re introducing new features built for the challenges that food service, hospitality, healthcare and education providers currently face

With more control over forecasting, production and waste; you and your team can have absolute confidence that operations are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Combined with a customisable dashboard and fresh new user interface, you can get to the insights that really matter to your bottom line quickly.

Recipe AI wizard on screen

Recipe AI Wizard – Save recipe engineering time

Copy and paste a recipe or multiple foods into any module with our AI integration.

Create recipes, menus, pricing and production lists at unprecedented speeds allowing your team to focus on creativity and innovation.

Nutritics 6 waste management on laptop

Waste Tracking – Reduce waste costs

Reducing the cost of waste is a huge opportunity to unlock with Waste Tracker. Identify, report and reduce waste across Spoilage, Preparation, Overproduction and Plate Waste.

Advanced automations or simple data entry means improved forecasted and actual production volumes at menu, dish and ingredient levels. Ingredient and labour savings are matched by the positive environmental impact.

Nutritics 6 insights on laptop

Insights – Your complete business dashboard

Nutritics’ customisable dashboard pulls food data from your estate’s various sources, streamlining analysis and making it easier for you to understand.

Whether it’s tracking menu profitability, site engagement, carbon and Foodprint metrics, waste management or menu ordering insights, our new system gives you clarity across your organisation. 

Go live with 50+ ready made designs or upgrade to customisable dashboards.

low res nutritics 6 forecasting

Production and Forecasting – Streamline your menu planning process

Optimise order allocation, ingredient management, and customisation based on site requirements for efficient kitchen operations.

Anticipate menu costs and manage inventory levels with precise forecasted quantities, generating comprehensive cost reports, inventory lists, waste insights, and more.

“Our new features provide customers with next generation food reporting, analysis and forecasting to drive profitable business.”

Damian O’Kelly | Founder and Chief of Product
low res nutritics 6 stage gates

Stage Gates – Total menu and recipe control

Manage time and resources more efficiently with our built in and customisable project management and menu cycle launch tool.

Stage Gates provides enhanced collaboration, total visibility, with centrally controlled quality and compliance at its core.

Nutritics on laptop

Design Refresh – Faster and more intuitive user interface

The design release for Nutritics 6 is more intuitive and quicker to operate, improving user confidence and keeping pace with your team’s evolving needs.

The new design also allows us to work quicker and more efficiently on future software developments.

low res nutritics 6 translations

Language Translations – Change platform language easily

Nutritics 6 AI language upgrade supports broader accessibility and increased accuracy in local markets.

It is now easier for non-English speaking users to use the system effectively and for consumers to benefit from food labels in their local language.

Need to quickly change language? Operators can switch at the touch of a button.

Nutritics Testimonials

With Nutritics, we’ve helped businesses globally to increase their profits, reduce waste and measure their impact on the environment.

“The system enables report generation on carbon emissions resulting from food service, aiding in tracking progress towards long-term carbon reduction targets. Moving forward, we’ll be able to pull reports on the amount of carbon generated as a result of the food that we serve in total as Aramark or for specific clients.”

Michael Savage Director of Sustainability at Aramark

“With Nutritics, we straightaway know which improvements are needed and adjust accordingly. Personally, the ease of use is what impresses me the most. All data is stored on the cloud and multiple users can access the platform from anywhere.”

Anca Ghitescu Technical Manager at LEON

“End-users cannot modify recipes or ingredients, they only have access to scale recipes which helps us with compliance. Guests are also able to see pictures of the menu items and they know straight away what is in the menu item and set their diet and allergens preferences.”

Brian Bachman Vice President of Purchasing at Metz Culinary Management

“It’s been a huge time-saver, removing a series of manual processes that were once needed to update our menus. As well as removing the possibility of admin errors, it has meant that we don’t need to hire a person to manage our menus directly. Menus are updated automatically as information is pulled from our menu management system.”

Emma Paintin Digital Experience Manager at Wagamama

“We can actually understand where our hotspots are, so we can focus on buying less of a product or a more sustainable, low-carbon product. And we can then encourage our chefs and managers to make better choices in terms of structuring their menus.”

Mike Hanson Director of Sustainable Business at WSH

“Working with Knowledge Labs and Nutritics has changed mindsets across our team, making members more aware of their impact and the business’s wider sustainability objectives. The process was easier than expected, with support ensuring we were happy every step of the way.”

Sally Grimes Quality Standards Manager at BM Caterers

“Nutritics provides better insights on where to focus on with a patient and gives much more powerful and targeted advice.”

Jennifer Robison Specialist Adult and Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis Dietitian

“We compete against many different nations, so we want to find every advantage we can. Using a tool like Nutritics will help us and the athletes understand what we’re trying to achieve.”

Emma Gardner Senior Performance Nutritionist at UKSI

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