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In order to ensure the consumer receives accessible and accurate food information, the supplier has both a legal and ethical obligation to work collaboratively and cooperatively with customers ie. food businesses. Given the transient nature of food supply chains, maintenance of accurate and up-to-date food information presents a unique challenge.

Nutritics supplier portal facilitates a direct link with food businesses wherein your entire product catalogue can be accessed. It is designed to facilitate the transfer of any product attribute, such as costings, co2 footprint and allergen data and contains built in accuracy and reliability checks to minimise inaccuracies. Nutritics’ allergen scanner flags the presence of allergens within a recipe, which will then be bolded and approved in order to proceed.

Using Nutritics, your customers will receive product reformulation updates in real time, thereby eliminating extraneous administrative tasks. If a change is made to one of your products, a notification will appear for the customer. Until accepted, the customer will have access and use of existing information, enabling them to clear stock before replacing it with the updated version. By accepting the changes Nutritics will do an automatic find and replace of anywhere that product was used in your recipe and update them accordingly. Associated labels will also be updated with new amended ingredient and allergen information.

Maintenance of a live product feed means you can rest assured that reformulation resultant changes to allergenic profile of products are communicated to the customer. Once a change is made to a product, you will be required to click scan for allergens again to verify the presence of any new allergens.

Nutritics Supplier Portal in Focus

In addition, gain access to valuable features such as costings and facility for labelling. Our manufacturing edition is a one-stop-shop for recipe and production management as well as label creation, all of which can be automatically fed to the customer.

For members of the foodservice industry such as café owners or restaurateurs, the benefits of using the Nutritics Supplier portal are endless. By utilising a live product feed, information will be fed directly from your suppliers anytime a product is changed or reformulated. Add your costings and internal codes to supplier foods without disruption to your existing foods or recipes.

The Supplier Portal is now available for our Foodservice clients and their suppliers at no additional cost. Nutritics facilitates the on-boarding of all suppliers from account set-up to training. For more information on the supplier portal, sign up for our Supplier Portal Webinar or book in for a free demo or contact