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Real Nutrition

Real Nutrition

How we helped Registered Dietician Marisa Michael to conduct research, analyse client food intake and create customised meal plans for clients.


Customer background

What do registered dietitians use nutrition analysis software really for? What impact has it on their daily work routine? Marisa Michael, a Registered Dietitian for 17 years, had a little chat with us to share some of her insights. She specialises in helping athletes and active people to improve their health and performance through nutrition.

Owning her own private practice Real Nutritionin Portland, Oregon, she knows the challenges dietitians face and how tools such as the right nutrition software help to meet them head on.

For how long have you been using Nutritics’ software?

I’ve been using Nutritics for about three years. I’ve used it for a variety of purposes: Beyond analysing client food intake and creating customised meal plans for clients, I’ve also used Nutritics to conduct research on adolescent rock climbers to determine if they are at risk for low energy availability. This was recently published in Frontiers in Nutrition. Nutritics also was the software I’ve used to create a series of menu plans for a book I am writing on rock climbing nutrition (to be published in late 2019).

What would you say are the most time-consuming aspects of your daily work routine? How does Nutritics help to reduce these?

My most time-consuming aspect of work is creating customised meal plans for clients. Nutritics helps me by saving meal plans I’ve already created, so I can use those as a basis for new personalised plans.

What impact has Nutritics had on your workload/day-to-day work and how?

Nutritics has helped me be able to analyse clients’ meal intake to be able to give personalised recommendations for their unique nutrition needs.

Which features do you find most useful and why?

I like the ability to create and save menu plans, as that is a big part of what I’ve needed Nutritics for.

How would you describe the support received in the past?

I’ve had to email Nutritics in the past for various support questions, and always gotten an immediate and helpful response.

Would you recommend Nutritics to a friend or colleague? Why?

Yes. It has many useful features that are easy to learn.