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New Plymouth Nutrition

New Plymouth Nutrition

How the sports nutrition-focused edition of Nutritics helped New Plymouth Nutrition provide bespoke meal plans for clients, assist with communication barriers for non-English speakers and add credibility to their brand.

New Plymouth Nutrition

Customer background

New Plymouth Nutrition is a leading dietetic practice in New Zealand with a mission to encourage their clients to be the best version of themselves. In this case study, Maggie Radich, Creator and Lead Dietitian at New Plymouth Nutrition, discusses the challenges presented by a lack of suitable professional sports nutrition software and how New Plymouth Nutrition has overcome this by building a partnership with Nutritics.

Executive summary

New Plymouth Nutrition is focused on delivering the best possible service to clients. As the practice has grown, increased requests for personalised nutrition and meal plan recommendations from leading clients including Yarrows Taranaki Bulls (TRFU) grew. Maggie recognised the need for a specialised nutrition software solution that accounts for specific athlete dietary requirements to improve wellbeing and performance.

New Plymouth Nutrition chose Nutritics as their preferred software due to the range of functionality, the diverse food database, customised reports for each client and ease of use. The team can trust the information that Nutritics provides and the expert team behind the software.

Finding the right solution

Maggie and her team spent a significant amount of time researching the market for the most suitable product for their needs. “Our main challenge was the lack of suitable sports nutrition focused software. A lot of the food and nutrition software solutions on the market don’t have any specific sports nutrition products listed as part of their database. Even simple things like whey protein. This presents a significant challenge when working with athletes where these food items are part of their daily intake” Maggie notes.

Why we choose Nutritics

“A fellow sports dietitian recommended Nutritics at a National Dietitians Board meeting and I signed up to take a look.

“Thanks to their free trial, we were able to review Nutritics’ sports edition in great detail. It was an easy decision for us to sign up. The main reasons for implementing Nutritics across our practice were:

  • The accurate nutrient breakdown
  • The customisable and printable reports
  • The ability to create and analyse recipes in minutes
  • Their support team that were willing to go the extra mile to assist us

“I was really satisfied with the premium support I received. It is incredible, it is quick and supportive. When having questions, being able to to send them and have them answered straight away, was a huge selling point.”

Achieving tangible results

“Nutritics is great for working with a broad range of clients and you can customise the software for each client. For example, you can reduce calorie intake for one client and increase them for another based on their particular needs. It is very easy to understand.

“The PDF printouts are awesome. They look good and provide a very detailed breakdown of what you are eating. It looks really scientific and makes me more credible. It is nice to give a handout to my clients to educate them about food. For example, if I switch a client over to almond milk from cows milk, I can show them how the change will affect their protein intake. It provides a visual aid to what I talk to my clients about.

“Some of the athletes I work with do not speak English as their first language. Having the ability to visually show them what they are are aiming for at each meal and how they are going to get there really assists with any communication barriers. If the players don’t understand what I am saying, I can now show them and they love it.

“Each Taranaki player has different needs and goals that I have to cater to. For example, a lot of them are eighteen or nineteen years old and need to increase their muscle mass by ten kilos. Thanks to using Nutritics, I can now give them the information on how to get there faster and in greater detail.”

Going the extra mile

“Outside of my sports nutrition work, I recently I saw a couple who had spent time with another practitioner who wasn’t suitably qualified and they had struggled to meet their nutrition goals. During their first consultation I gave them a meal plan outlining what they should be eating. They were delighted as the Nutritics report outlined the detail behind the plan to assist with their nutrition education. They were really intrigued.

“Nutritics gives me backup – it is like having another colleague.”

Concluding remarks

“We are a leading private dietetic practice that not only relies on our extensive knowledge base but also leverages the most advanced nutrition technology to provide superior nutrition advice to our clients. We feel that working with Nutritics adds further credibility to our brand, increases client satisfaction and sets us apart from competitors.”

Interested in New Plymouth Nutrition and their services? Want to be the best version of yourself? Just get in touch at or call Maggie at +64 (0) 276374224 for more info.