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Dublin Sports Clinic

Dublin Sports Clinic

Find out how Nutritics helps Dublin Sports Clinic’s clients achieve optimal performance levels as part of their holistic wellbeing solution.

Dublin Sports Clinic

Customer background

Dublin Sports Clinic is a premium provider of Chartered Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy and Training with an innovative approach. The Clinic was established to facilitate all clients to perform at their very best and their highly qualified team all have a strong background in elite sport. Indeed it was this background that led the founders to believe that everyone deserved access to the same level of treatment rehab and coaching that elite athletes receive, thus the culture of the Dublin Sports Clinic was born.

Their facility in the heart of Dublin City Centre is designed to create an optimal performance environment to encourage client success, whether it is for general health improvements, injury prevention, rehab or sports performance.

In this feature, Aoife Gillen, Strength and Conditioning Coach at Dublin Sports Clinic discusses their approach to offering a complete wellbeing solution and provides detail on why Dublin Sports Clinic has benefited from building a partnership with Nutritics.

Executive summary

Dublin Sports Clinic is focused on delivering the best possible service to clients. Their ethos is providing an elite level standard of care to all facets of their services. Launched in 2015, the Clinic focuses on their clients’ overall well-being, with a multidisciplinary team approach to their services.

Clients have access to combined services of physiotherapy, sports therapy and training, making Dublin Sports Clinic a one-stop destination for everyday health and fitness.

As their membership has grown and service has expanded, they have recognised the need for a nutrition consultancy offering and the Clinic has partnered with Nutritics to offer this service.

Bridging the gap

“We train our clients, we help them recover from injury and rehab them back to full function, we advise them on recovery and lifestyle so they can perform better, whether it’s on the track or field, or just to feel better day to day. Nutrition plays a vital role in supporting this and we spotted that there was a gap in our offering and that we needed to address it,” said Aoife.

This led to the search for a powerful and reliable software tool, with the ability to not only analyse the overall nutritional intake of clients but also compare energy intake to energy expenditure to provide more accurate client insights.

Finding the right solution

“When reviewing our requirements for our nutrition advisory service, the most important element was the level of detail,” Gillen said. “We wanted to be able to take the information our clients gave us and break it down to really clear core detail.”

”Nutritics gets it. We were impressed by the depth of nutritional analysis, the accurate and evidence based data, the activity tracking and its professional service support.

“As a sports focused centre with a busy schedule, Dublin Sports Clinic relies greatly on the detail provided in Nutritics. We all use the system really easily to get detailed information if needed, for example Vitamin A content, cholesterol or fat which is all available in the reports,” Gillen continued.

Making a difference

“It’s been a tremendous success. We have one client training for a marathon and they were very specific about their diet and thought they were doing everything correctly. With the help of the Nutritics report, I could show that there were gaps in their diet and highlight exactly what was missing. Small bits, small tweaks and changes in order to eat healthier and ensure his body was getting the nutrients it really needed.

“He has now started to gain weight, which is great because he was losing too much muscle mass. A huge success and perfect timing for the marathon,” Gillen said.

Providing the best possible service

“Nutritics sets our nutrition offering apart from our competitors. We are a leading performance improvement facility with an outstanding and attentive team. As we continue to grow we are focused on delivering a superior well-being offering to our clients. We are very excited to have Nutritics as part of this offering and we look forward to continuing to leverage their software to provide the best possible service to our clients.”

Interested in the Dublin Sports Clinic and their services? They welcome all levels to join their movement to better health. Just get in touch at or call +353 1 5517343 for more info.