The five judges, all C-suite operators, explained why they awarded Gold: “Sustainability is so important, and we’re all dealing with issues that will only get bigger. We particularly liked the very clear messaging and reporting”.

Foodprint is a patent-pending carbon footprint scoring system for the foodservice sector. The software automatically calculates the climate impact of recipes and menus and allows operators to measure, analyse and manage their sustainability goals. 

Back of house, it provides complete transparency over the supply chain. Operators can now easily see, control, and reduce the environmental impact of their Scope 3 supply chain.

Front of house, operators can display carbon footprint scores on menus, so customers can make food choices that are carbon kinder.

Elbha Purcell - Director at Nutritics
Elbha Purcell - Director at Nutritics

Stephen Nolan, Nutritics’ MD said of the award: " It’s a significant recognition of our investment in Foodprint and its ability to lessen the environmental impact of our out-of-home food consumption. 

“The patent-pending methodology delivers accurate and reliable insights rooted in science, so consumers and food businesses can be more informed about the impact their menu choices have on the planet. In this way, we hope to play our part in nudging society towards more sustainable food choices."

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