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At Nutritics, we're on a mission to help everyone better understand and reduce the impact of our food supply. With this in mind, we’ve created Foodprint: our latest innovation that enables the calculation and labelling of the carbon footprint of foods and recipes. 

For many food businesses, implementing more sustainable business practices is fast becoming a priority. Each week, we’re contacted by organisations that are in the process of adapting their businesses for greater sustainability. Much of this is driven by the need to satisfy a global customer base that is increasingly attuned to environmental issues and making more conscious purchasing choices as a result. 

What is Foodprint?

Foodprint is a fully automated, easy-to-use carbon footprint scoring, display and reporting system that helps food businesses to save time and money spent on life cycle assessment (LCA) consultants. The solution empowers both food businesses and their customers to make more informed, environmentally-conscious decisions. It combines the latest research with cutting-edge technology, all designed to help organisations on their journey to ‘net zero' carbon. We’re thrilled to announce that Foodprint officially launched in June 2022. 

We’ve brought our best-in-class food data expertise to the development of this proprietary technology that automatically matches your foods, recipes and dishes to peer reviewed LCA data sources, with a specific focus on the UK food supply chain. 

As you enter recipes into Nutritics, your Foodprint score is updated, taking into account the environmental impact specific to each ingredient. Changes made to foods, recipes and suppliers are updated in real time, allowing you to make changes to recipes to reduce their impact on the environment. 

The system enables foodservice operators to better understand the impact of the food they serve, from field to fork, and supports environmentally-conscious decisions related to their dishes. The technology works across both sides of your business: staff and management gain visibility and control over the carbon footprint of their supply chain and can track trends over time. Meanwhile, for the customer, the display of carbon footprint scores on menus builds trust and loyalty, bringing them with you on your sustainability journey. 

Why Nutritics?

At Nutritics, we understand the fundamentals of food data and how technology can be used to manage accuracy and compliance. We have an incredible track record, offering best-in-class solutions to the foodservice market and ensuring that accurate and reliable food data are available in real time to help you manage recipes, print labels and comply with the latest industry regulations. 

We’ve assembled an in-house sustainability team made up of experienced environmental researchers, with a mix of PhD education and foodservice expertise. Not only have we created the most advanced environmental FoodPrint reporting technology on the market, based on the latest research, but we're here for you at every step. We'll host conferences, develop thought leadership content and ultimately be the support that you need throughout your sustainability journey. 

Ready to learn more?

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