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At Nutritics, we value not only our work but also the diverse passions and interests that make us a vibrant team. To bring our team members closer and showcase our shared love for physical activities, we organized a two-week event called the Nutritics Physical Event Week. The aim was to encourage everyone to step away from their desks, embrace their hobbies, and have fun together. In this blog, we recap the success of this exciting team activity and highlight some of the fantastic moments our team captured.

Embracing a Variety of Physical Activities

During the Nutritics Physical Event Week, which ran from the 17th to the 30th of April, our team members were given the freedom to engage in any physical activity that brought them joy. The possibilities were endless, from hitting the gym and playing sports like football, tennis, or golf to outdoor adventures like sailing, running, hiking, and even rock climbing. We also had our swimming enthusiast, Nutritics CEO Stephen Nolan, making a splash!


Sharing the Joy

To document their physical activities, team members were encouraged to capture a photo or a short video and post it in our Nutritics chat. This allowed us to see and celebrate each other's active lifestyles, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared excitement. Every single activity shared was an opportunity for team members to inspire and be inspired by one another.


Building a Sense of Community

The Nutritics Physical Event Week served as a reminder that we are not just colleagues but a community of individuals with diverse interests and talents. It provided a platform for us to showcase our hobbies and passions, giving others a glimpse into our lives beyond the office walls and computer screens. The event encouraged conversations, sparked connections, and fostered a sense of belonging within the Nutritics family.

Celebrating Our Active Nutritics Team

The Prize Draw

To add an extra element of excitement, all the photos and videos shared by our team members were entered into a prize draw. The more activities someone participated in, the greater their chances of winning. This added incentive motivated everyone to fully embrace the event, and it was incredible to see the level of enthusiasm displayed by our team members.

Congratulations to Karen O'Brien, our Senior Technical Executive - Integrity & Compliance, who took home a hamper of delicious goodies. 


The Results

The Nutritics Physical Event Week was a resounding success, thanks to the active participation and enthusiastic involvement of our team members. It allowed us to celebrate our shared passions, discover new interests, and strengthen the bonds within our community. The event served as a reminder that our work-life balance goes beyond the confines of the office or our home offices, and it highlighted the importance of embracing physical activities to maintain our overall well-being.

We congratulate all the participants and express our gratitude for making this event memorable. Let's continue supporting and inspiring each other to pursue active and healthy lifestyles. Cheers to a team that knows how to work hard and play even harder!

Remember, stay active and stay healthy!