Measure, target and reduce your environmental impact using our scientific databases covering 30+ countries.

Automated, easy-to-use

and highly integratable.

Nutritics supports your goals to be environmentally-conscious, profitable and compliant

Nutritics’ cutting-edge recipe and menu management system enables you to efficiently measure and reduce your food’s water and carbon footprint and display this information transparently to consumers on your menus and food labels. Analyse and reduce recipe costs and track margins with reports, helping you both source cheaper and more sustainable ingredients.

Environmental Impact Clarity

Total transparency over the environmental impact of foods, ingredients, recipes and menus with real-time updates, allowing you to tailor ingredients to reduce the impact your dishes make.

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Developed for Chefs

Foodprint was developed for chefs and operators, making it intuitive and easy to use, with automated reformulation prompts for recipes.

Increase Profit Margins

Foodprint provides you with a reliable Scope 3 environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting and carbon labelling system, designed to help you engage in better procurement practices to reduce environmental impact and improve margins.

Data Backed by Scientists

Combining peer reviewed life cycle assessment (LCA) academic research with support from our sustainability experts, you’ll have transparent, accurate data at your fingertips.

Drive Repeat Customer Footfall

Build consumer trust by displaying your carbon footprint score on packaging, dishes and promotional material. Future proof your business by acting now on an issue where demand is set to intensify.

Success Stories

Nutritics provide groundbreaking technology that is changing the way the food service industry sells their products.


“Nutritics helped me to understand the important nuances on a label. Things like legally having to round down nutritional values were important aspects that I wouldn’t have been aware of prior to speaking with Nutritics.”

Leonie Lynch, founder
Metz Culinary Management

“Guests and clients are able to see pictures of the menu items and they know straight away what is in the menu item and set their diet and allergen preferences.”

Brian Bachman, Vice President of Purchasing
Holroyd Howe

“The automated element of Nutritics software helps us take away some risk, particularly around the substitution process. We know that will be flagged to us and can then be managed to keep students informed and safe.”

Amy Roberts, Managing Director of Operations

“With our new digital menu processes, we can have 100% confidence in the allergen data we publish both online and in our restaurants. This creates a much safer environment for our guests. Internally, it’s been a huge time-saver, removing a series of manual processes that were once needed to update our menus.”

Emma Paintin, Digital Project Manager
BM Caterers

“I was impressed with Knowledge Labs’ in-depth knowledge and their ‘Train the Trainer’ programme. The implementation was simple and employee engagement fantastic. We are now exploring other modules at Knowledge Labs to continue our journey.”

Sally Grimes, Quality Standards Manager
John Core at Sodexo

“The onboarding process was great. The team at Nutritics was fantastic. The guys were good enough to get the Nutritics team to onboard our bank of recipes there, ready to use. That was a huge piece of work.”

John Core, Culinary Nutrition Lead
Fable Food Co

“It’s user-friendly, and I can play with all the layouts and settings. We have everything we need for the labels, right there. It’s easy to stay on brand for Fable while also meeting all the labelling requirements for each country.”

Monica Wen, Operations Manager
FENS European Nutrition Conference

“When we asked the delegates if they were in favour of calorie labelling, the 80.3% said yes.”

Your UnbelievaBowl

“By understanding the vitamin and mineral content of my products, I was able to clearly state on my labels “Why is it good for me?” I firmly believe this adds considerable value to my products by providing the information that consumers are increasingly asking for.”

Caroline Phillipson, founder
Glanbia Performance Nutrition

“While I was able to make suggestions based on my athlete’s training needs and physical requirements, it was only through using Nutritics that we were able to dive deeper and uncover the real issues.”

Dr Crionna Tobin, Head of Education and Nutrition