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Ten Kites

Publish personalised menus across multiple touch points

Ten Kites from Nutritics provides businesses with the most innovative and complete menu publishing solution, saving significant time and money while giving your customers a quality, engaging brand experience.

Customer experience




Menu analytics

Customer experience

Transform your customer experience

Display menus on your website, via QR code, let customers apply dietary requirement filters and place orders for in-house, click & collect or delivery.

  • Customers can order directly from a digital display or mobile device without interacting with staff.

  • Impress customers with custom designed, on-brand and interactive menu pages developed by our graphic design and development teams

Transform your customer experience

Workflow efficiency

Reduce the time to manage your menus from concept to poin-of-sale

Maximise workflow efficiency, optimise budgets, manage your food supply chain and compliance with food law in one single system.

  • Automatically publish menus to websites with custom designed, on-brand and interactive menu pages, fully integrated with your website

  • Ensure up-to-date information through integration with your recipe management, Point-of-Sale and labelling systems

Reduce the time to manage your menus from concept to poin-of-sale

Cost reduction

Significantly reduce print costs through using dynamic digital menus

Digital menus can be used to display calorie, allergen and other nutritional information. This replaces, or greatly reduces, the need to print physical menus for display.

Significantly reduce print costs through using dynamic digital menus


Support compliance with the latest food regulations

Any changes made to your dishes, allergens and nutrition information are automatically updated throughout the system and on your menus.

  • 99% of hospitality staff feel increased confidence in dealing with allergen and nutrition queries when using Ten Kites

Support compliance with the latest food regulations

Menu analytics

Use insights to optimise your menu mix and profitability

Gain a better understanding of your customers’ preferences. This data can then be used to improve your menu and drive sales.

Use insights to optimise your menu mix and profitability

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Innovative display

Innovative, on-brand menus across all touch points

Choose your menu format from a selection of innovative and interactive menu layouts or request a bespoke design in line with your brand guidelines.

  • Live menus on web and mobile

  • Menu galleries and allergen matrixes

  • Digital signage and print menus

Innovative, on-brand menus across all touch points

Main FAQs

Answers to questions we're often asked

I don’t have the resources to design a web page, how long does it take?

Ten Kites has a range of innovative and interactive templates that you can choose from, where you can update your logo and brand colours. 


If you need something more brand specific, we have a team of designers that can build a bespoke design inline with your brand standards - We do this for the likes of Wagamama, Loungers and Fullers to name a few.

My menu needs to go to multiple platforms, Deliveroo, allergen matrices, digital signage etc . How do I send it to them?

We understand that this can be a very time consuming process, when done manually can also be a source of confusion and risk to your business. 


The Ten Kites API allows you to automatically transfer your menu data to any number of third party platforms, allowing you to feel safe that all of your food information is correct wherever it is accessed.

How do I comply with the new calorie legislation?

It is really important to take guidance from a compliance professional, but the law in a nutshell says that the any place that a customer can view a menu option needs to provide the energy content of the food in kilocalories (kcal); The reference the size of the portion to which the calorie information relates; and a statement that ‘adults need around 2000 kcal a day. This information needs to be in the same font size as the name and description of the dish.

We have lots of existing recipes, will we need to re-enter them here?

Not at all, Ten Kites is agnostic to which recipe management tool you use and will be able to provide a feed to wherever you currently manage your recipes, so there is no need to duplicate work.

We are very brand conscious, can the design match existing styles?

Absolutely, we can offer you as much or as little branding as you need on your Web Menus, and Menus on Mobile. Other features such as Allergen Matrices and Digital Signage allow you to upload your brand logo and manage font styles and colours.

Our services

Making reliable food data more accessible and valuable

Nutritics’ software helps businesses unlock the hidden value of food data in real time, to manage recipes, create labels, plan meals, publish menus and measure your environmental impact.


Drive profits and automate workflows with one integrated system


Boost customer loyalty, drive additional sales and empower better decision making

Our success

More than 135,000 clients worldwide trust Nutritics

Emma Paintin Digital Experience Manager
It's been a huge time-saver, removing a series of manual processes that were once needed to update our menus. As well as removing the possibility of admin errors, it has meant that we don’t need to hire a person to manage our menus directly. Menus are updated automatically as information is pulled from our menu management system.


Confidence in the allergen data they publish

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  • Drive food safety and compliance

  • Increase revenue and operational efficiency

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