Transforming Food Operations: Insights from the National Restaurant Association Show 2024

Nutritics unveiled its most extensive feature release at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, a premier event drawing over 58,000 foodservice professionals from more than 100 countries.

With a robust presence in the US market since 2014, we showcased a comprehensive suite of tools aimed at revolutionising how food operators manage their businesses. We demonstrated our expertise in classic recipe reengineering, offering solutions to drive cost reduction, enhance profitability, improve nutritional profiles, and minimise environmental impact.

Key insights and takeaways

Increased Focus on Nutrition: There is a heightened focus on calorie counts and labelling across all sectors. This shift reflects growing regulatory demands for nutritional transparency and a broader awareness of health among consumers.

Emphasis on Sustainability: There was a significant increase in discussions around ESG criteria and the carbon impact of food. Attendees showed a keen interest in sustainable practices, indicating a shift towards more environmentally responsible operations in the foodservice industry.

Industry Drivers: The heightened interest in sustainability was driven by several factors:

  • Competitive Edge: Many contract caterers expressed a desire to gain a competitive edge, recognising that customers and clients are increasingly concerned about sustainability.
  • Environmental Impact and Carbon Footprint: Understanding the environmental impact of the food supply chain has become crucial for making informed decisions that align with both environmental goals and consumer expectations. The carbon footprint of dishes is now seen as an imminent necessity, emphasising the need for the industry to prepare for this evolving standard.
  • Automation and technology: These can significantly alleviate labour shortages within the hospitality industry while also providing substantial cost-saving advantages. 

The 2024 NRA Show highlighted pivotal shifts in the industry’s approach to nutrition and sustainability. The increased focus on calorie counts, labelling, and the carbon impact of food underscores a broader trend towards transparency and environmental responsibility. As we move forward, these elements are likely to become integral to the food and hospitality sectors, driving innovation and setting new standards for the industry.

By offering solutions to drive cost reduction, enhance nutritional profiles, and minimise environmental impact, Nutritics empowers food operators worldwide to meet industry demands while achieving their business objectives.

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