Nutritics starts off the new year with a bang by reaching yet another milestone! With over one million foods and ingredients in our food database, we can now offer the biggest and most extensive food database available in the world. 

At Nutritics, we pride ourselves on our culture of innovation and the provision of an excellent customer experience. Whilst this milestone is an important achievement, rest assured we will continue to innovate in order to exceed your expectations continually.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you sincerely for your continuing support and feedback. 

Nutritics data sourcing

The Nutritics database consists of official national databases for many countries worldwide. Data are supplemented with valuable reference information including photos, portions and portion size estimation aids. Each database is available in the local language and in English. In addition, we have created a large database of universal Arabic foods. 

At Nutritics, we maintain databases from brands, food suppliers, retail chains and clinical feeds. This gives users complete control to choose the data most suitable for them. 

Nutritics also has an extensive global ‘Nutritics’ database added from user-requested foods, including a wide range of sports supplements, health food products, supplier and restaurant data. Food information is sourced directly from manufacturers, research papers or added by conversion from other food databases by our qualified nutritionists. 

Specialised clinical feeds and nutrition product information are available for suppliers including Nutricia, Fresenius Kabi and Abbott Nutrition. A proprietary database of food additives such as vitamin and mineral compounds, preservatives, colourings, flavour enhancers and thickeners are available as standard.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the databases available, please contact