Nutritics Announces Exciting New Partnership with Cygnet Health Care and Brakes

Nutritics are delighted to announce our latest partnership with Cygnet Health Care — the UK’s leading provider of services for individuals with mental health needs, autism and learning disabilities — and Brakes. Through this partnership, Nutritics software will empower Cygnet chefs to create nutritionally balanced meals for service users and residents. 

Cygnet’s Procurement team worked closely with food supplier Brakes to introduce the Nutritics recipe management solution across Cygnet’s 150 sites. This pioneering tool will enable chefs to create and edit bespoke, nutritionally balanced recipes that clearly display nutritional values and allergens and improve meals for service users and residents.

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Nutritics links directly into the Brakes product catalogue and gives chefs the ability to add their sites’ favourite dishes, or create new ones. The accessible software allows chefs to add any ingredient they want, and instantly see nutritional information like fats, proteins, salt levels or allergens such as wheat. They will also be able to swap out ingredients once a recipe has been created to fortify a recipe, make it healthier or even turn it into a halal dish. Once created, these recipes can then be shared with all other Cygnet chefs. Budgeting is also a huge part of the tool, and allows chefs to see the true cost of each recipe they are creating, and the exact cost per portion/per person. This further empowers chefs to control their budget, and potentially swap out higher-priced ingredients for lower-cost alternatives.

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In order to roll this out successfully across all Cygnet Health Care’s sites, the team has engaged with a number of Cygnet chefs to create over 120 recipes within the Nutritics recipe management platform. 

Titilayo Jackson, Chef at Cygnet Churchill, an in-patient mental health hospital for men, said, “I like the fact that the Nutritics tool gives an in-depth nutrition analysis; this will help ensure consistency and accuracy in our recipes. This system also provides all allergen information, which is extremely useful. What excites me the most is the fact that we’ll easily be able to adjust the ingredients or measurements in our recipes and this can then be used as standard recipes across all Cygnet sites. We’ll also have the ability to share our recipes, so we’ll be learning from each other.” 

Clare Stead, Nutritics Business Development Director, said, “We are proud, with the support of our valued Brakes partnership, that our technology has been chosen and is starting to be implemented across all Cygnet Health Care locations to further enhance the wonderful care package already provided to service users and residents. Delivering the right meals within a care environment is critical to safeguard against the incident, whilst also ensuring that budgets can be achieved, and Cygnet quickly saw the benefit Nutritics would deliver alongside the other value add solutions of improving internal communication, compliance, efficiency and the resident experience whilst also delivering a direct cost reduction to the business”. 

Nutritics software is currently being piloted in health and social care sites with a plan to roll out to all Cygnet Health Care services using Brakes later in 2022.