Obtaining accurate nutrition information for recipes is a complex process. Nutrient calculations are based on: 

  • The amount of ingredients used to prepare a food 
  • The nutrient composition of those ingredients 

Factors that alter nutrient content during preparation are: 

  • Weight change during preparation (yield factors) 
  • Losses of nutrients during preparation (retention factors) 

It is always best to obtain an accurate recipe yield by weighing the final recipe after cooking; however, this is not always practical. Nutritics is developed with the best practice and industry standard data to automate expected changes to nutrients from weight changes and nutrient losses during preparation.

raw vs cooked rice in nutritics

To ensure that you are ready to calculate nutrition information for recipes with accuracy, our top tips are: 

  • List out recipe ingredients 
  • Note detailed nutrient information about the ingredients used 
  • Determine ingredient weights and stick to them 
  • Know the cooking method you are using
  • Calculate one recipe per pot 

Nutritics will do the rest. 

Did you know?

Clicking on the magnifying glass below will present the list of suggested weight change factors available for use in Nutritics. These are categorised according to the type of dish and the method of cooking, so you can easily choose the most appropriate fit.

screenshot of nutritics showing magnifying glass