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In 2012, as part of his MSc in Nutrition, Damian O'Kelly was helping Commonwealth Games athletes improve performance through their diets. To his frustration, he found that industry standard software needed stability, while food databases lacked detail and accuracy. Eager for a better solution, he began building his own database. However, while this offered reliable, accurate and specific information, it was highly time consuming and difficult to use.

His designer/programmer brother Ciarán stepped in. With their expertise combined, they created an application that went beyond anything else available in the world. This cloud-based technology could analyse every component of what people eat, wherever those people were: in a restaurant, pub, hotel, hospital or training ground. 

After a phenomenal amount of work (and many a late night), the first version of the world's first end-to-end food data system was born. 

Nutritics today

Further refined, exhaustively tested and constantly updated, Nutritics’ software now helps businesses unlock the hidden value of food data to manage recipes, create labels, plan meals, publish menus and measure environmental impact. All of this is accomplished in real-time, across every customer touchpoint — whether that's own or third party websites, digital menus or labels.

Today, Nutritics teams in London, Dublin and Sydney take care of 135,000 customers across 150 countries.

Nutritics founders Ciarán & Damian O'Kelly
Nutritics founders Ciarán & Damian O'Kelly

* New for 2022 *

Interested in displaying dishes’ carbon footprints on menus? No problem!

Seeing the pressure the hospitality sector was under from customers, staff and investors to have a clear, executable and reportable strategy for achieving net zero, we embarked upon our biggest challenge yet: finding a way to incorporate highly reliable data on each ingredient’s and menu item’s carbon footprint into our database. 

In 2022, Foodprint was born.

Foodprint is a fully automated, easy-to-use carbon footprint scoring, display and scope 3 reporting system for all food businesses. This proprietary, patented technology provides operators with valuable metrics and insights into the impact of the food they serve, from field to fork, supporting environmentally-conscious food choices.

It’s built on impeccable, peer-reviewed environmental data, and is constantly and painstakingly updated by our highly qualified in-house team of nutritionists and environmental researchers.

We’re not finished yet; check out our blog or follow us on social media to learn more about our latest developments and how we can best support your business.