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Supplier management

Access a live database of ingredients directly from your suppliers

Nutritics’ supplier portal provides a direct link between you and your supplier. It supports the transfer of real-time food data including costs, carbon footprint and nutritional data, creating a more seamless operator - supplier relationship.

Clear Communication

Real-Time Information

Full Transparency

Clear communication

Create clear lines of communication with your suppliers

By utilising a live product feed, food information is fed directly from your suppliers anytime a product is changed or reformulated. Add your costings and internal codes to supplier foods without disruption to your existing foods or recipes.

Create clear lines of communication with your suppliers

Real-time information

Ensure that information provided to customers is kept up-to-date all times

To ensure the consumer receives accessible and accurate food information, the supplier has both a legal and ethical obligation to work collaboratively and cooperatively with its clients.

  • The supplier portal makes it easier for suppliers to share real-time information with foodservice operators.

Ensure that information provided to customers is kept up-to-date all times

Full transparency

Stay on top of nutrition information with a live product feed

Maintenance of a live product feed, along with built-in accuracy and reliability checks, means that recipe information is kept up-to-date and accurate.

  • Provides assurance that the nutritional and allergenic profile of your dishes is communicated accurately to your customers.

Stay on top of nutrition information with a live product feed

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Learn why maintaining strong supplier links is so important.

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Seamless onboarding

Comprehensive on-boarding of suppliers including training

Your Key Account Manager will work with your suppliers to add their product catalogue to the supplier portal.

  • No disruption to your existing foods or recipes.

  • Continue to use your account as normal.

Comprehensive on-boarding of suppliers including training

Main FAQs

Answers to questions we're often asked

How do I get my ingredients into the system?

This can be done in several ways, none of which require any intervention from the food business, as Nutritics takes care of that alongside your suppliers. 


We would typically provide your suppliers with an account to our Supplier Portal, this allows them to batch upload their product catalogues and then we give you access to build recipes with this data. 


For larger suppliers such as Brakes and Bidfood, we connect via API to automatically sync to their product catalogues, meaning a completely seamless transfer of your food data, into your recipes.

What makes your supplier portal different from others?

A lot of systems give free rein to suppliers to upload whatever they want, without interrogating the data they upload. Nutritics is different in how we make sure that the information is correct and safe - Through machine learning, AI and big data we quality assure the data they upload to protect you and your customers from harm, by rejecting any information we flag as incorrect or needing review.

Where do you get the data from?

Nutritics holds one of the largest food databases in the world (1.6 million products and growing) that you are welcome to use, but we would recommend using data provided directly by suppliers. This means that you as the operator do not need to manipulate or make changes to the data, as it is an exact match to what you purchase.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. We charge a nominal admin cost to your supplier and not the food business, which means it is free of charge as part of your Nutritics account.

What happens when ingredients change?

You will be notified within your Nutritics account if a supplier delists, makes any product change etc, so that you can be sure you are always using accurate up to date information. Now we understand that across a multisite operation, there will be varying stock levels of old products around the business, so each location can pause any changes until they begin using the new product.

Our Service

Making reliable food data more accessible and valuable

Nutritics’ software helps businesses unlock the hidden value of food data in real time, to manage recipes, create labels, plan meals, publish menus and measure your environmental impact.


Drive profits and automate workflows with one integrated system


Boost customer loyalty, drive additional sales and empower better decision making

our success

More than 135,000 clients worldwide trust Nutritics

Anca Ghitescu Technical Manager
With Nutritics, we straightaway know which improvements are needed and adjust accordingly. Personally, the ease of use is what impresses me the most. All data is stored on the cloud and multiple users can access the platform from anywhere.


confidence in the provision of nutritional information

Amy Roberts Managing Director Of Operations
For us, that process of supplier engagement has been really educational, especially when working with some very local and small suppliers who haven’t been required to provide this level of detail before and aren’t aware of how to approach it. The knowledge that we’ve been able to pick up from working with Nutritics, has been really valuable.


convinced of the automation of Nutritics helping to take away some risk

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