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Make the world’s most specialised food database your own!

Use the power of Nutritics in your own app, program or website. Access over 1 million foods, nutrition, recipe and food-related data from official national, international and branded food databases for multiple regions.





Super smart engine

Order results based on quantity of a specific nutrient or by food popularity & filter searches to specific allergens, diet types, country or commercial supplier. Partial words, misspellings & colloquial terms are taken into account.

Universal input formats

Quantities are accepted in g, kg, lb, oz, st, ml, l, floz, pt, qt, gl. Smart quantities like "1 serving" are automatically calculated.

Standards compliant & fast response time

The HTTP REST API with basic authentication done in the header supports both HTTP GET & HTTP POST methods and returns JSON format results, compatible with all common coding languages. Response time is on average < 200ms with a 99.99% server uptime.

API Explorer

Build and test your requests before deploying them. A basic connection script is automatically generated in the most common coding languages to get you up and running quickly.

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Real-time nutrition data

Automated processes, instant results

  • Nutrition & recipe analysis: Retrieve nutrition information on up to 258 nutrient parameters with access to over 1 million generic, branded foods and recipes

  • Allergen information: Retrieve allergen information for foods in our database, or enrich your own database with allergens using our ingredient list Allergen Scanner

  • Generate food labels: Retrieve a compliant nutrition panel for foods or even your own recipes. Compatible regions include the EU, US, Australia / New Zealand and South Africa

Automated processes, instant results

Large Database

The world's largest, specialised food database

The Nutritics database is comprised of official national and international databases for many countries worldwide. With data from brands, food suppliers, retail chains and clinical feeds, you have total control to choose from a proprietary global database.

  • Supplemented with valuable reference information including photos, portions, and portion estimation aids.

  • Sourced directly from manufacturers, research papers or added by conversion from other food databases by our qualified nutritionists.

  • Available in the local language(s) and in English.

The world's largest, specialised food database

API Support

We’ve got your back - from setup to custom queries

  • Detailed API documentation: Our docs with thorough request specifications with practical examples & code samples are built into the explorer

  • Personal Account Manager: A dedicated account manager ensures your questions are dealt with efficiently

We’ve got your back - from setup to custom queries