Food Labelling System for PPDS Labels
Prepare your business for Natasha's Law now!

Maintain accurate food label information with a fully automated labelling solution. Manage your recipe development, label creation, printing solutions and supplier management in one integrated system.

  • Compliance with food law
  • Generate prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) food labels and control information displayed on labels e.g. allergens at production level.
  • Strong communication with suppliers
  • Easily manage the various brands used across your business. Get real-time and up-to-date product information directly from your suppliers. 
  • Accurate label information
  • Automatically calculate label information using our database of 1 million ingredients or your own supplier data. Allergens are flagged automatically.
  • Real-time ingredient updates
  • Easily deal with last minute ingredient change at the click of a button. Changes made to ingredients, recipes or labels are applied in real-time.
  • Simple setup
  • Easily implement new labelling processes on the same day. Print with our dedicated hardware, or integrate with your existing system.
  • Improved customer experience
  • Enable customers to make informed food choices by displaying detailed nutrition and allergen information.

  • Nutritics was the first company that gave me a definitive answer.They went above and beyond at all times. Not only did they highlight parts of the label that needed amending but gave added feedback about issues that no one in 3 years of production had ever notified me of.
  • Leonie Lynch, Founder of Juspy  
  • Ireland

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