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Country of Origin Labelling

5th Jul 2018
Nutritics supports the creation of food labels that are compliant with the labelling rules laid out by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). This includes the provision of a country of origin on food labels. 

Country of Origin should be tagged on each of your recipe ingredients in Nutritics. 

There are a few ways to do this:

Method 1 - Tagging on an ingredient level 
Open an ingredient and navigate to the ‘custom fields’ box under the food labelling heading. Click ‘+new’ under the country of origin heading and select the country that you would like to tag e.g. Australia. Type the percentage of the ingredient that originates from that country into the free text box. This information must be made available by the manufacturer or supplier. Once added, this data is maintained and calculated wherever the ingredient is used in Nutritics.

Method 2 - Tagging during the recipe development phase 
To begin, create a new recipe by clicking start > new recipe, or open and existing recipe. Add an ingredient to the recipe or use an existing ingredient. Click on the quantity box to the right of the ingredient name and open the ‘custom fields’ tab. 

Here you can enter fields such as Country of Origin. Click ‘+new’ beside the country of origin heading to add a new country.  

If custom data has already been tagged on an ingredient level (as in method 1), this data will be visible here. 

Once the Country of Origin has been added for each ingredient, you can use Nutritics Label Maker to produce compliant Country of Origin graphics automatically, as well as a Health Star Ratings, Nutrition Information Panels, and much more. 

To export your label to the label maker click the ‘export to’ button in the top right corner of the recipe workspace and

To produce the Country of Origin label, click the origin element, ensuring that your label format is set to FSANZ, then click the element 'Origin' to activate.

Next, choose the format type that suits your product. 

The Standard mark with 3 components includes a kangaroo logo, a barchart and explanatory text. This type is for products made, grown or produced in Australia using Australian Ingredients. 

The 2 component label is for imported products, and so does not include the kangaroo logo. This option should be used on imported products that are packed in Australia, or contain Australian Ingredients. Note that the bar chart and percentage value are calculated automatically from your recipe ingredient information for both the 2 and 3 component labels. 

You can alternatively just set a custom percentage using the ticker if you have this information from elsewhere. Additional custom text statements can also be added to the 2 and 3 component labels in the text box and the label can be set to vertical layout if desired. 

Other imported products that do not use Australian ingredients or packing should use the 1 component, Origin Statement label.