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Nutritics User Guide

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getting started

Access and Installation

28th Jan 2019

You must have an account registered in order to sign in to the software. Registration is free on our website and includes a fully functional 7 day trial. You will be emailed a link with download instructions after registering. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam/junk mail folder or contact us.

Nutritics can be accessed in the web browser or downloaded and installed on any PC, Mac or table without limitation or restriction.  All methods of access require an internet connection. Your user data will be accessible automatically on each computer, and is backed up to our secure servers. On most standard licences, you can only be logged in to your account from one location at a time.

Accessing Nutritics without Installation:

There are a number of options available if you cannot install, or would prefer not to install programs on the computer (many networked computers in workplaces or Universities have a firewall or security which means only administrators can install programs).

1.Most modern web browsers can run Nutritics directly. We recommend the latest version of Google Chrome for the best Nutritics experience, but Microsoft Edge, Safari and Firefox for Windows are also supported.  Simply navigate to our website and click the login button at the top right of the page, or type into your URL bar (you can bookmark this page)

2.If you use Google / Chrome apps, the Nutritics web app can be installed from the Chrome web store. Simply search the store or copy and paste the link below into your Chrome web browser to access install the plugin: 

If you do not have Google Chrome installed, you can get it here at no cost. 

3.You can download Nutritics portable and run it directly, either from your computers desktop/personal drive or from a USB memory key. To download Nutritics Portable (windows only) click here

Downloading and Installing Nutritics:  

If you prefer a traditional installation process where the application icon appears on your desktop / toolbar, Nutritics can be downloaded for your laptop, mac or PC. Click here to access the downloads page. These links are also emailed to you after registration on our website. Please note that this version of Nutritics still requires internet access to function.

If you experience any difficulties with the installation, you may need to contact your network administrator to complete the installation. If you do not have an administrator or are still experiencing problems, consider one of the access methods above that do not require installation, or contact us for support.

Using Nutritics on Portable Devices:

Nutritics currently supports full functionality on Ipad and Android tablets. To access Nutritics on your tablet, navigate to our website and click the login button, or type into your URL bar. You can change the touch settings within the program from Menu>Settings>Preferences. By default, Nutritics will detect when you are using a touchscreen device and make the interface more ‘finger friendly’.  This can be adjusted from Menu>Settings>Preferences

Nutritics full professional interface is not available on smartphones. However, a report viewer is available to browse reports on the move from We do also have a smartphone companion app ‘Libro’, which is intended for use by your clients and restaurant guests to record their dietary intake and connect with professionals. See for more detail on Libro.