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Recipe Cost Assessment

12th Jan 2018

The recipe creator can calculate the cost per portion or cost per 100g for each recipe. To add ingredient costs, simply click on the ‘Cost’ box corresponding to each ingredient and enter the cost per unit of weight. You may use any variable of price and weight Eg. €5/10kg, or £3.10 per lb. Once you add a cost to one ingredient, there is no need to continue to enter the currency symbol for subsequent ingredients. Once an ingredient is tagged with a cost, this will be reflected throughout all of your recipes that use this ingredient. If you cannot see the cost column beside your recipe ingredients, it is not a standard feature on your account. It may be added from Menu > Upgrade/Downgrade or by contacting us if required.

Food outlets may also add their Gross Profit Margin and VAT rate on a recipe to calculate Recommended Retail Price. This may be added in the ‘Recipe Modifiers’ box under the food labelling heading of the recipe workspace. 

A table of all ingredient costs can be generated from Menu>Input/Output>Shopping List. For a full guide on shopping lists, see here.
If you would like to read more about our cost calculator and how it could benefit your business, check out our blog.