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Adding Users to the Licence Management Platform

16th Jan 2018

Users can be added to your organisation in 3 ways:

Manual Method:

Simply fill in the blank fields in the top row of the table and click the button to set up a new account.

Batch Method:

Multiple accounts can be created at once from an excel / .csv file upload.

1. Click the 'batch import' button.

2. Click 'download the template' to download our sample spreadsheet.

3. Fill in the spreadsheet for all users. Note that all fields are required

4. Remove the top 3 rows from the sheet

5. Save the sheet to your computer

6. Upload the modified spreadsheet by clicking "upload modified template"

7. Import the users by selecting the 'upload modified template'

Automatic Method:

Each organisation has a custom sign up page for user self-registration. To access this page, click the 'org settings' button, then click the URL that is shown.

Users can register on this page using a unique licence activation code. Up to 4 codes can be set for an organisation from within this panel, each with a unique expiry date. Once a user registers on the custom registration page, their account is activated accordingly and the user’s details appear in the licence management platform.