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Exporting, Printing and Emailing a Report

17th Jan 2019

You can generate a live link of any report from the 'export to' button, for email or sharing. Any changes made are reflected in the live link in real time without the need for re-sharing. Reports can also be exported to Microsoft excel (or other CSV editor), converted to a .pdf file or printed directly.

The settings toggle beside the export button enables you to customise a report, and save the layout and customisations as a templates for future use.

You can also choose from a number of Nutritics built templates for a simplified or more detailed report layout.

Exporting a diet log to a meal plan

Export a diet log to a meal plan for later use by choosing Export to>Meal plan:

The new meal plan will open automatically, and show in the client panel as 'From Log: [Log name]'. If a multi-day log is exported to a meal plan, this will show as separate meal plans for each day e.g. 'From Log: [Log name] Day 1'.

Any edits made to the new 'Master Meal Plan' will not alter the original diet log, and vice versa. The master meal plan can be attached to other clients and edited by clicking into the client in the drop below and selecting 'Enable Editing':

This will create a copy of the master meal plan for the selected client.