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Sharing and Collaboration

18th Jan 2019

Clients, recipes, and foods can be shared with other Nutritics users. Look for the sharing feature to do this.

Sharing clients

The sharing feature within the client panel is located under client groups:

Click '+Share', then '+Add User' and type in the username or email address of another Nutritics user to enable sharing:

Sharing foods and recipes

Choose '+Share' in the food and recipe workspace:

Select '+Add User' and type in the username or email address of another Nutritics user to enable sharing:

Attach other items to share with the user by selecting the 'Share' dropdown:

If your licences are part of an organisation or group, you will see all users of the organisation when you click ‘+add user’.

If you are an admin for the organisation you can choose to share with all account holders within the organisation by clicking on the name of the organisation instead of adding individual users.

You will have the option to share with read only (1) or read and write privileges (2), or revoke access (3) after adding a collaborator.

To share multiple recipes, foods or clients at once, select 'Share by Collaborator' and enable sharing on multiple items:

You can click the icon shown on the right of the sharing screen to access this tool also:

Choose the account you'd like to share with from the 'Shared to' drop down at the top, then click the items or the checkboxes in the list to share.

To remove a collaborator, right click on the username and select 'delete'.

Items that are shared with you have an inbound arrow and a yellow bar within the record/workspace will be shown:

Items that you are sharing with other users are indicated with an outbound arrow

Click the sharing icon in the top right corner of a portion to hide this with collaborators.

Once the eye icon appears, that product/portion will not be shared to those with access to the recipe. 

Create Collaborator Groups

You can create groups of users to share items across to. Click '+New Group' under Collaborators and begin adding users. 
Once the group is create you can share items to the group members:
Right click the group to edit users or delete.

Master Sharing Functionality

If you have purchased a licence set with master sharing functionality you have the option of sharing particular data with your site accounts.
You can choose to share your custom codes, custom fields, food costs or label templates to your site licences automatically. For example, if you wanted to share recipes with your site licences, but not costs attached to the recipes you can disable this setting.