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What is new in Nutritics?

Our development team are always improving and developing new features for Nutritics. This post is updated monthly, listing all new changes.
3rd Jul 2018

Coming Soon v5.54 (currently in beta)

  • All new drag & drop label designer tool
  • New Label Magic app lets you print labels on-the-fly from a tablet or smartphone.
  • Usability improvements for clinical meal ordering
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

September v5.53

  • Digital Menus now support offline order caching
  • Outlets can now be shared between users
  • You can now drag & drop to re-order menus
  • Personalised food costs can now be added via the API
  • Fitness trackers data can now be imported from Libro
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

August v5.52

  • New digital menus ordering platform for hospital & clinical use includes filtering menus & orders by bed / allergies / texture grades & other modified diets
  • Our kitchen dashboard now supports printing customer receipts & back-of-house dockets
  • Staff can now log in to menus with special permissions
  • New products panel for suppliers & manufacturers with extra fields for pack weights
  • New portions panel design on foods & recipes
  • Allergens on foods & recipes are now specific to your regional labelling standard
  • Our API now returns imperial units if requested
  • You can now add a 'brand' to your foods & recipes
  • Lots of bug fixes

July v5.51

  • Digital Menu ordering now accepts customers payments (contact us today to trial it!)
  • New referral program: Spread the word about Nutritics and get a discount on your next payment
  • Health Star Ratings are now available in the recipe builder for FSANZ region
  • Multiple optimisations for building programs
  • Supplier portal accounts now have lots of optimisations for local regions
  • Libro now returns text searches in the language searched
  • Libro now works with Custom DRVs from Nutritics

June 2020 v5.5

  • Client panel has new visual style and allows you to attach client photos, making everything easier to understand at a glance
  • New automatic calculations display clients' waist-to-hip ratio, ideal body weight and more
  • New clinical plugin available for client panel to support texture grades, fluid retention, mobility & stress factors which automatically integrate into energy calculations
  • You can now customise macro or micro targets for each client individually without creating a whole DRV. You can create multiple targets for training or rest days and switch between them
  • Improved integration of video calling in programs to support remote working
  • New digital menu ordering platform for foodservice
  • Digital menus have a brand new design including an optional white theme
  • New menu settings panel lets you control every aspect of your digital menu
  • Food outlets now have a dedicated tab in Nutritics settings with a host of new options
  • New shopping list generator lets you create a shopping list from a recipes, mealplans or menus and choose the number of servings for each meal
  • Logs can now be duplicated in the right click menu
  • New "my labels" section in Nutritics explorer for direct access to your labels
  • Libro timestamps now carry through to batch exports
  • Multiple enhancements to all batch export reports
  • You can now add transparent logos to your account
  • You can now pay for Nutritics in your local currency
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements throughout

February 2020 v5.099

  • New shopping list generator is available in the start menu
  • Nutritics now handles waste better than ever. We have new fields for usable yield and waste during production
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

November 2019 v5.098

  • Recipe exports are now mobile optimised
  • New label designs for EU Front of pack and US back of pack
  • New website design
  • Mobile website is now a little faster
  • New quick tutorials have been added to the start menu
  • Label maker tweaks & UI improvements
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

October 2019 v5.097

  • You can now convert a diet log to a meal plan to start planning based on your client's existing diet
  • You can now access labels directly from the start menu
  • Recipes now show 1 serving portion in the portions panel
  • Lots of new fixes & tweaks for the supplier portal
  • Users of supplier products are now notified of product updates when they log in
  • New user manual as been added to our support center
  • New onboarding experience for new users
  • New nutrition panels are available in the label maker
  • Other tweaks and improvements in label maker
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

August 2019 v5.096

  • You can now quickly add features to your Nutritics account via the start menu
  • Upgrades to batch import
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

July 2019 v5.095

  • Drag & drop support for tablets
  • Customisable disclaimers on digital menus
  • API now supports recipe analysis without storing
  • New search box on remote viewers (read-only accounts)
  • Bug fixes & UI improvements

June 2019 v5.094

  • Nutritics was migrated to a brand new high-speed server.
  • All new menu builder with drag & drop, portion management & independent grouping.
  • Menus now display nutrition per serving rather than per 100g
  • Meal planning tool now maintains a link to inserted recipes, allowing finer portion control
  • Preparation & cooking instructions for recipes now appear on meal plans.

April 2019 v5.093

  • Libro users can share recipe reports to social media
  • New audit panel for enterprise users tracks all changes to recipes
  • Label maker now supports time on all label dates
  • New option to hide certain group headings from Digital Menus
  • Menus are now available through our API

March 2019 v5.092

  • Menu users can now attach their food outlet to Nutritics to show their menus in Libro
  • Suppliers can now add a support email for their customers
  • You can now choose where to send feedback on our feedback form
  • Crowd-sourced users foods are now available in Libro (blog post on this coming soon)

December 2018 v5.09

  • Build complete health & fitness programs for your clients in Nutritics program builder
  • Extended cost analysis system to include packaging, staff, transport and more
  • You can now reorder recipe ingredients by drag & drop
  • Digital menu update - includes cross-contamination disclaimer, & nutrition label image
  • New grouping system for monitors on folders & groups
  • Improved handling of blank vs zero values throughout the software

October 2018 v5.042

  • New Drag & Drop from Search Results into Foods, Recipes, Groups, Menus and Meal Plans
  • Tree Viewer & My Menus Performance and Usability Improvements
  • Improved tutorial experience for first-time users

September 2018 v5.04

  • New data portal for Food Suppliers & Manufacturers to upload their data to vendors in real time 
  • Warning system to improve accuracy when weight change factor is missing from cooked dishes
  • Portion images shown system wide and available to upload on recipes
  • Brandbank branded food products live for UK & Ireland  
  • Barcode generation for digital menu items that can be scanned / logged with Libro smartphone app
  • Batch find and replace ingredient account-wide
  • New sharing & collaboration manager for batch sharing
  • Reports shared by URL can now be password protected
  • GI data added for AUSNIT 2016 (Australian Food Composition Database)
  • Batch Import features upgraded
  • Settings panel moved to the left to maximise space
  • Various UI tweaks and improvements

July 2018  v5.031

  • Record your clients allergies in the client pane
  • Search engine and mealplans/logs now flag foods incompatible with the active client
  • Rich text notes in client panel with full screen editing
  • Style updates to Nutritics Explorer (tree viewer) & groups
  • Kamut & Spelt gluten allergens removed and merged with wheat allergen system-wide
  • Australian Branded Foods Database of 29,000 items live
  • Regional label rounding rules added to API data requests

June 2018 v5.030

  • Country of Origin label generator added for FSANZ-type labels
  • Libro password reset and onboarding optimisation
  • Bug fixes & style tweaks