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Nutritics opens new office in Barcelona

We are very excited to now serve the Spanish and Latin American markets.
29th Nov 2019
Nutritics, the world leader in nutrition management systems, is pleased to announce the opening of an office in Barcelona to serve the Spanish and Latin American markets. 

Spain is currently a world leader in both haute cuisine and the traditional Mediterranean diet. Being the latter correlated to the fact that it is the country with the second longest life expectancy in the world. It is also a world leader in the production and export of foods with high nutritional value such as olive oil. Not to mention a high quality health system that increasingly opts for greater prevention strategies. It is for these reasons that we predict a rapid acceptance of Nutritics in the market.

Damian O'Kelly, Nutritics CEO, says
"We are very excited to open our new office in Barcelona to serve the Spanish and Latin American markets. This is an exciting milestone for the business and is the result of a lot of hard work by our team in Spain. We have developed some exciting innovations for the Spanish and Latin American markets and look forward to sharing these with our clients in the region."

Local nutrition professionals, catering service providers and educational institutions will now have the opportunity to benefit from Nutritics software for meal planning, diet evaluation, recipe development, cost analysis and labeling. food, with features and local Spanish foods incorporated.