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Nutritics Case Study: Your UnbelievaBowl

“I am not a qualified nutritionist, so I needed to invest in those in the know, and who could advise and give appropriate direction to key questions and challenges I encountered.”
12th Jan 2021
Caroline Phillipson, founder of Your UnbelievaBowl, has always had a vested interest in the impact food has on our health. After spending years experimenting with nutrient-dense foods such as nuts, seeds and fruit, she decided to develop her own range. She noticed a gap in the market for a whole food, multi-blend, superfood breakfast boost that was gluten-free, organic and used quality plant-based ingredients. 

Caroline created ready-made, healthy and convenient superfood breakfast boosts that offer convenience and save people time as well as increase their nutrient intake during the most important meal of the day — breakfast. Caroline has also created a hearty, no-nonsense porridge that wasn’t ‘instant’ or powdery. She combined the organic, gluten-free oats with eight amazing “superfoods” to take the average breakfast bowl to the next level. 

“Working for myself was something I had never envisaged, however, my kids are both becoming more independent and this process has happened naturally. “ 

The need for a solution 

“For all my products, I wanted to ensure I could make and substantiate health claims as I felt just saying, “the products were healthy” just wasn’t good enough. I needed evidence and more knowledge around the subject of making legal and true health claims.“ 

Caroline not only wanted to create a nutritious product but also one that is backed by scientific evidence, specifically looking at the impact nutrients have on our health and well-being. She noticed there were plenty of products in the market that made such claims but very few were substantiated by scientific evidence. 

“People often assume a plant-based diet lacks in some way and I wanted to show how nutritious plant-based foods are and how their ingredients are bursting with a wealth of goodness.” 

Looking for experts in the field who could guide her through the process and the legal aspects of making such claims.

Caroline began searching for the nutrition labelling software. Trustworthiness and credibility were the most important aspects when evaluating different options and Nutritics came out on top. 

Nutritics in Action 

“I enjoyed using Nutritics to help me with my recipe creations. I wanted to keep check on the sugar content of each product and Nutritics allowed me to play around with quantities of ingredients until I was satisfied with sugar content for each product.” 

A great benefit to her was the knowledge of the Nutritics Consultancy Services and leveraging their expertise: “I am not a qualified nutritionist, so I needed to invest in those in the know, and who could advise and give appropriate direction to key questions and challenges I encountered.” 

Being able to automatically calculate health claims helped Caroline to take the business to the next level. They were the key selling point in terms of pushing the product differentiation and have significantly enhanced Your UnbelievaBowl’s competitive advantage. “People are more and more interested in the impact food has on their health and they often ask the question, “What does this food do for me?” By understanding the vitamin and mineral content of my products, I was able to clearly state on my labels “Why is it good for me?” I firmly believe this adds considerable value to my products by providing the information that consumers are increasingly asking for.” 

Looking ahead 

Over the next 12 months, Caroline and her team plan to grow the business steadily. “My ultimate goal would be to outsource the manufacturing side of the business and continue to generate awareness”. The use of unconventionally larger packs makes Your UnbelievaBowl unique, and Caroline believes that maintaining that size instead of four small packages will keep the organisation ahead of its competitors. 

“It is better for the environment both in terms of packaging waste and delivery costs. We don’t mill or grind our ingredients keeping product integrity intact, which provides a superior texture and taste experience. We also include eight ingredients in our breakfast boosts; the Super Porridge has nine and is the only porridge in the UK to include 25% “superfood” ingredients.” 

Nutritics can be customised to meet your needs. Easy to use, cloud-based, and with the most comprehensive set of food reference databases available, Nutritics is developed by technologists and regulatory experts, specifically for use within the foodservice industry. Click through to try Nutritics for free for 7 days, or to speak to one of our expert advisors.