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QuickDish Nutritics Patient Meal Ordering System


Patient Meal Ordering System for Hospitals, Clinics and Nursing Homes

Support personalised food choices to enrich the patient experience, and minimise the risk of malnutrition or allergen exposure through multiple layers of meal screening. The meal ordering system has been developed with your entire team and patients in mind, aiming to provide a number of benefits to both catering and dietetics management processes such as reducing cost and food waste and improving the overall patient experience.

  • Scientific data you can trust

  • Save time and money

  • Support every step of the way

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Take your patient experience to the next level

Minimise the risk of malnutrition or allergen exposure through
multiple layers of meal screening

Improved patient safety

Tailor menus and set up filters to meet specific nutrition, fortification, IDSSI and allergen requirements, or based on patient number or bed number

Advanced patient personalisation

Patients will only be shown suitable meal items (allergens, special diet, etc) personalised to their specific requirements

Better patient communication

Ease communication barriers and meet HIQA recommendations in an innovative format to provide written, pictorial and verbal menu choice

Since we have introduced the system, we have seen a daily saving of 20 minutes from each ward in ordering time. This allows for more interaction with the patient and improves their experience while taking pressure of my staff.

Evelyn Fleming, General Manager, Aramark, MUH

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Increase workflow efficiency with an
integrated patient ordering system

Reduce cost, food waste and improve the patient experience

Reduce cost

Reduce print costs and streamlining information storage; no need for printed menu cards. Remove administration time (staff cost) to receive and collate order information

Monitor waste

Monitor detailed food waste and adjust menus based on consumption and cost to increase patient satisfaction. Real-time data allows for more accurate forecasting

Increase efficiency

Remove administration time and automate the gathering, collating and managing of order information, both in the pantry and kitchen

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